Office of Research

Middle East Center


Middle East Center seeks to strengthen an understanding of the Middle East in all sectors of American society through training and research at the University of Washington, as well as through delivery of outreach programming across the nation.

Core Services Offered

MA program in Middle East Studies; foreign language and area studies fellowships for graduates and undergraduates; UW course offerings pertaining to the Middle East; public outreach on the Middle East

Funding Information:

United States Department of Education, Comprehensive National Resource Center-Middle East, current award, 2010-14.

Reporting Structure:

Reşat Kasaba, Director, Jackson School of International Studies

Related UW Entities:

College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, Near & Middle East Interdisciplinary Ph, D, Program, Department of History, Department of Political Science, Department of Anthropology, Department of Law, Societies, and Justice, Department of Sociology, Department of Comparative Literature, Department of Comparative Religion, Department of Jewish Studies, Department of Communication, Department of Ethnomusicology, Department of Economics, Department of Linguistics, Department of Classics, Department of Comparative History of Ideas,
Foster School of Business, School of Law, College of Built Environments, College of Education, School of Public Health/School of Medicine, Department of Global Health

Center Details

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Director: Osanloo, Arzoo
Location: 225 Thomson
Year Started: 1974
Administrator / Program Manager: Hecker, Felicia
Administering College/School: College of Arts & Sciences 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Music. Jackson School of International Studies 
Faculty Involvement: 55