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European Union Center of Excellence


The European Union Center of Excellence promotes the study of the EU, its institutions and policies and EU-US relations through teaching programs, scholarly research and outreach activities. The European Union funds this initiative as part of a broader effort to promote the people-to-people ties outlined in the New Transatlantic Agenda, which provides a framework for EU-US relations. The EU Centers program has helped create a foothold for EU studies in US higher education and served as an information resource for a broad US audience, with extensive outreach to regional audiences and the policy community.

Core Services Offered

The EU Center of Excellence provides activities and resources for many campus and off-campus communities, including students, faculty, teachers and the general public. Links to pages listing resources for these communities are as follows:

Funding Information:

Original three-year grant initiated in 1998-99. Latest three-year grant began in 2008 and runs through August, 2011.

Reporting Structure:

Reşat Kasaba, Director, Jackson School of International Studies

Related UW Entities:

College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Economics, Department of Sociology, Department of Communications, Department of Scandinavian Studies, Department of Geography, School of Law, Foster School of Business

Center Details

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Director: Caporaso, James
Location: 120 Thomson
Year Started: 1998
Administrator / Program Manager: Shekleton, Phil
Administering College/School: College of Arts & Sciences 
P.I. Home Department: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Political Studies. Jackson School of International Studies. 
Faculty Involvement: Approximately 25 faculty, of which half are considered core to the program.