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Economic Policy Research Center


The Economic Policy Research Center is a forum for economic policy discussions vital to the Northwest. The purpose is to engage public and private sector stakeholders with University of Washington faculty to clarify and improve economic content of public policy.

Economic policy affects diverse regional constituencies. The center seeks multidisciplinary alliances with Research Fellows to broaden its perspective. The Center is a resource to the region, providing access to policy design solutions for researchers and practitioners alike.

Core Services Offered

Fiscal and Tax Policy, Environmental and Natural Resource Policy, Health Policy, Industry Productivity and Competitiveness, Regulation Policy, Intellectual Property, Competition Policy, Education and Workforce Development, Trade and Economic Development Policy, Housing, Washington Economic Data Archive.

Funding Information:

Private Donations

Reporting Structure:

Robert Halvorsen, Chair, Department of Economics

Related UW Entities:

School of Nursing, Department of Psychosocial & Community Health, School of Law

Center Details

Director: Eicher, Theo
Location: Savery Hall
Year Started: 2003
Administering College/School: College of Arts & Sciences 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Economics 
Faculty Involvement: 11