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UW Center for Obesity Research


The aim of UW Center for Obesity Research (UW-COR) is to facilitate interdisciplinary research that addresses social, economic, and environmental aspects of obesity. The objective is to advance science and improve health by aligning research aims with local, state, and national policy objectives. The Center's long-term goal is to translate research results into evidence-based strategies for obesity prevention and treatment.

Funding Information:

NIH-P20 exploratory grant from 2004-09;
NIH grant R01DK076608 from 2008-2015

Reporting Structure:

Howard Frumkin, Dean, School of Public Health

Related UW Entities:

Center for Public Health Nutrition

Center Details

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Director: Drewnowski, Adam
Location: 1107 NE 45th Street, Suite 215, Seattle, WA 98105
Year Started: 2004
Administrator / Program Manager: Aggarwal, Anju
Administering College/School: School of Public Health 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Epidemiology 
Faculty Involvement: 5