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Institute for Public Health Genetics


Public Health Genetics is an emerging academic and practice field that applies the rapid advances in human genetics, genomics, and biotechnology to improve public health and prevent disease. The mission of the Institute is to provide broad, interdisciplinary training for future public health professionals, to facilitate research in public health genetics, and to serve as a resource for continuing professional education.

Core Services Offered

The IPHG offers five unique interdisciplinary graduate degree programs: Master of Public Health (MPH) track in Public Health Genetics, concurrent JD/MPH program, Graduate Certificate in Public Health Genetics, Master of Science degree in Genetic Epidemiology (MSGE), and Ph.D. degree in Public Health Genetics. The IPHG has served as a catalyst for more than a dozen research centers and extramural grants with IPHG faculty as PIs and co-investigators, and IPHG faculty lead ongoing training workshops for professionals.

Funding Information:

State funds support the core infrastructure of the IPHG. Students are supported from a variety of extramural funding sources, including NIH training grants to faculty affiliated with the Institute.

Reporting Structure:

The IPHG is administratively housed in the Department of Epidemiology.

Contacts are: Scott Davis, Chair within the School of Public Health and Howard Frumkin, Dean.

The IPHG is also an interdisciplinary program with in the Graduate School. The contact is James Soto Anthony, Associate Dean.

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External Partners:

Seattle Children's Hospital
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Washington State Department of Health

Center Details

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Director: Edwards, Karen
Location: Health Sciences Building, F363
Year Started: 1997
Administrator / Program Manager: Schuda, Kevin
Administering College/School: School of Public Health 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Epidemiology. Department of Public Health Genetics. 
Faculty Involvement: 26