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Seattle-King County Center for Resuscitation Research


The mission of the Resuscitation Consortium is to provide infrastructure and project support for clinical trials and other outcome-oriented research in the areas of cardiopulmonary arrest and severe traumatic injury that will rapidly lead to evidence-based change in clinical practice. The focus on pre-hospital and early hospitalization interventions recognizes the critical importance of this time frame and early congruence between the emergency cardiac and trauma populations. ROC Investigators will conduct collaborative trials of variable size and duration (equally directed towards the cardiac and trauma populations), leveraging the combined power of the member institutions and promoting the rapid translation of promising scientific and clinical advances for the public good.

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Center Details

Director: Kudenchuk, Peter
Location: Logan Building, 500 Union Street, Suite #805, Seattle, WA 98101
Year Started: 2004
Administering College/School: School of Medicine 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Internal Medicine. Department of Cardiology 
Faculty Involvement: 10