Office of Research

Value Sensitive Design (VSD) Research Group


The Value Sensitive Design Research Lab brings together faculty, students, and stakeholders in Washington state and beyond to design and develop new technologies that help support important human values. The lab contributes theory and methods for shaping technology in ways beneficial for people's lives.

Core Services Offered

Envisioning Cards:

Funding Information:

National Science Foundation. Grant IIS-1018008, 2010-2013.
National Science Foundation. Grant CNS-0905384, 2009-2012.
National Science Foundation. Grant IIS-0325035, 2003-2010.

Reporting Structure:

Harry Bruce, Dean, Information School

Related UW Entities:

College of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

External Partners:

Seattle Pacific University Department of Mathematics
University of British Columbia School of Library Information and Archival Studies

Center Details

Director: Friedman, Batya
Location: Suite 400, Roosevelt Commons
Year Started: 1999
Administrator / Program Manager: Gray, Nell Carden
Administering College/School: Information School 
Faculty Involvement: 6