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Office of Research (OR)

About the Vice Provost for Research

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Posted on June 19, 2014 at 9:52am

The Connection of Research and Technology

Research is foundational to our mission and our shared future success depends in part on the investments we make to support technology today. Our track record of federal funding has been critical for our ability to invest in targeted initiatives and research to stay competitive. We have tripled our research funding over the last twenty years, and in fiscal year 2013 received an astonishing $1.238 billion in sponsored research funds. From 1974 - 2009 the UW received more federal research funding than any other U.S. public university, and since 2009 has been in the top two nationally.

UW’s competitive strength is due in part to our support of technology that enables research collaboration within the UW community, and our partners around the world. Our goals are to provide students with the tools they need for academic success, and faculty with the collaborative tools and networks necessary to support research and sophisticated teaching methods.

One of the ways in which we do this is to enable connections and foster research collaborations. This quarter’s Office of Research Campus Update features tools and services such as eScience, Hyak, Husky SciVal Experts, and our suite of tools and resources for complex proposals. The Office of Research is also committed to providing the technological resources that will decrease the administrative burden for our faculty and staff, and provide easy access to tools like the upcoming research profile tool. Read further to get more information on tools and resources that support research and maintain UW’s role as a world class leader.