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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Using the eGC1


The SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically) eGC1 is an online UW internal compliance and routing form used for UW sponsored programs requesting external support. An eGC1 should be used for all proposals to external sponsors for support of the following activities:

  • Research and research facilities
  • University-administered traineeships and fellowships
  • Institutes and special teaching programs
  • Other University activities which are to be supported wholly or partially with non-University funds


The proposal that will be submitted to the sponsor and any supporting documents that need to be reviewed internally at the UW should be uploaded to the eGC1 on the Attached Documents page.

There are several sections where files can be uploaded:

Documents to be Submitted to Sponsor
This section is where you attach one file with the entire application (in the correct order) that will be submitted to the sponsor. If there are pages that require an OSP ink signature, a separate file containing just those pages should be attached here also. You will identify which each is using the description field.
Internal Documents for OSP
This section is where you would upload any non-sponsor attachments for review by OSP and your division, department, or school/college.
Internal Documents for Dept/School/College
This section is used for any attachments that need to be reviewed by these areas but not OSP.
Documents Uploaded by OSP
This section is where OSP will attach documents in support of or in reference to this application.

SAGE Functionality

Getting access to SAGE

SAGE is a secure application that requires a UW NetID. You must also have at least one ASTRA role. Which role(s) you need is based on what operations you will be performing within SAGE.

To help determine which role you should be assigned, see the most common roles on the Accessing SAGE help page. For more detailed information, see the Accessing SAGE page.


Each eGC1 has a status indicating where in the overall UW routing process it is and whether the eGC1 can be edited. They are defined on the eGC1 Statuses help page.

Email Notifications

SAGE sends different types of messages during the Approvals process to alert specific people to take action on a given eGC1. You can view which notifications have been sent to whom on the email notifications page in SAGE Approvals.

For details about when messages are sent and who receives them, see the Email Notifications Details page.

Ad Hoc Reviewers

When viewing the approval flow, you can use the Add Approver button to add a person or role (for example: Dept Reviewer) to the flow. You would use the Add Approver function when an extra person or role needs to approve or re-approve that eGC1.

Viewing the History & Comments

The History & Comments page displays a list of the actions taken during the Approvals process. It indicates the person who executed that action, the date, and any added comments. You can also view the state of the eGC1 and its attachments at each approval.

SAGE Help Desk

The Office of Research Information Services (ORIS) SAGE Help Desk is available 8:00AM - 5:00PM, Monday - Friday by email at sagehelp@u.washington.edu or by phone at (206) 685-8335.