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Office of Research (OR)

RRF Committee Members

Active Members for Autumn 2016

Basic Biological And Biomedical Sciences

  • Andres Barria
    Associate Professor, Physiology and Biophysics
  • Charles Chavkin
    Allan and Phyllis Treuer Professor, Pharmacology
  • Edward A Clark
    Professor, Microbiology
  • Veronica Di Stilio
    Associate Professor, Biology
  • Edith M Gardiner
    Research Associate Professor, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
  • Chris Goss
    Professor, Medicine/Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
  • Geoffrey S. Gottlieb
    Professor, Medicine, Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Lorenz Hauser
    Professor, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
  • Constance Mao
    Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • William J Moody
    Professor, Department of Zoology
  • Daniel E Promislow
    Professor, Department of Pathology
  • Michael E Rosenfeld
    Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
  • Ali Rowhani-rahbar
    Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
  • Kenneth Sherr
    Associate Professor, Department of Global Health
  • Caroline A Stromberg
    Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Hilaire J Thompson
    Professor, Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems

Arts, Humanities, And Social Sciences

  • David M Bachman
    Professor, International Studies
  • Michael D Beecher
    Professor, Psychology
  • Tom Bellamy
    Professor, UW Bothell Education Program
  • Ruby Blondell
    Professor, Classics
  • Collett D. Cox
    Professor, Asian Languages and Literature
  • Ricardo Gomez
    Associate Professor, Information School
  • Juan C Guerra
    Professor & Chair, American Ethnic Studies
  • Robert Halvorsen
    Professor of Economics, Economics
  • Daniel J. Hoffman
    Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Matthew J Kelley
    Associate Professor, Urban Studies
  • Patricia Moy
    Professor, Communication
  • Sonnet H. Retman
    Associate Professor, American Ethnic Studies
  • Naomi B Sokoloff
    Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilization
  • Christina M. Sunardi
    Associate Professor, Music
  • Stewart Tolnay
    Professor, Department of Sociology
  • Jennifer A. Turns
    Professor, Human Centered Design and Engineering

Physical Sciences And Engineering

  • Alberto Aliseda
    Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Renata Bura
    Associate Professor in Natural Products Chemistry, Environmental and Forest Sciences
  • Linda Bushnell
    Research Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
  • Archis Ghate
    ASSOC PROFESSOR, INDUSTRIAL & Systems Engineering
  • James C. Hermanson
    Professor, Aeronautics & Astronautics
  • Robert Holzworth
    Professor, Earth and Space Sciences
  • Munira Khalil
    ASSOC PROFESSOR, Chemistry
  • Gregory V. Korshin
    Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Sabine Mecking
    Oceanographer, Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Lilo Danielle Pozzo
    Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Evan A Solomon
    ASSOC PROFESSOR, School of Oceanography