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Grant Runner


Grant Runner combines the eGC1 and sponsor forms for some NIH funding opportunities requiring SF424 R&R forms, including Modular, Detailed and Subaward Budgets. With the click of a button, OSP can electronically submit your application via Grants.gov to the sponsor.


  • You no longer have to download and fill out the Adobe forms from Grants.gov; you can complete the SF424 R&R Modular, Detailed and Subaward Budget forms directly in SAGE.
  • Grant Runner pre-populates UW institutional data and some eGC1 information for you in the forms, reducing redundant entry data.
  • Grant Runner automatically checks for common SF424 errors and validates that required fields are complete.
  • You can view Grants.gov tracking number and NIH status directly in your eGC1s. History and Comments or the Grant Runner Submission and Status page in your eGC1.
  • “Copy” Previous Budget Period feature added to Modular, Detailed and Subaward Budget, saving time and effort.
  • With the addition of SF424 R&R Detailed Budget and Subaward Budget, you will have the ability to utilize Grant Runner for a much wider range of NIH opportunities.


The Grant Runner wizard will allow you to enter an opportunity number and receive immediate confirmation on whether the opportunity can be supported by Grant Runner. The basic requirements for Grant Runner use include:

  • The sponsor is NIH (National Institutes of Health); and
  • Your funding opportunity is a research grant, which utilizes the modular or 5-yr detailed R&R budget or
  • Your funding opportunity does not require any budget form, and contains only forms found in the research grants family of forms.

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