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Posted on April 20, 2011 at 8:04am

We’ve improved the connection between eGC1s and budgets created in SAGE. You can now:

  • See the most current data in your budget from your eGC1. No longer will you have to disassociate and re-associate an eGC1and a budget each time you make a change in SAGE Budget. Connect them once, and any updates to your budget worksheet automatically display on the budget page of the connected eGC1.
  • Route a budget built in SAGE with an eGC1. When a budget is connected to an eGC1, it shares the same routing path, and all users who have access to the eGC1 can also access the budget. You no longer have to grant individual Approvers access to your budget; they can click to open it from the routing eGC1.
  • Track changes to your budget and access previous versions. New Budget Edit Numbers in the Budget History enable you to see when a budget has been revised and to read comments associated with those changes.

You can also view a read-only version of the budget at a specific point in time by clicking the Budget Edit Number associated with that version.

Want to learn more? Come to our demo at the next MRAM on May 12th, 9:00 a.m., in the UW Tower Auditorium.

You can also register here for an upcoming Budget drop-in session if you want hands-on help connecting your budget to your eGC1 and managing budget history. 

Please note: Associating a budget to an eGC1 will no longer be an option as of today. If you or anybody you know has a budget associated with an eGC1 that is still pending approval, we recommend that you disassociate that budget and then reconnect it to the eGC1 using the Connect a Budget feature. This ensures that your latest budget information is always available from the eGC1.

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