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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

UW Export Control Worksheet for Export of Tangible Items


The UW Export Control Worksheet is an internal UW document completed by the exporter and provided to the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Worksheet prompts from you the necessary information about the items you plan to ship or take with you outside the United States, the end-use of the item, and the end-users.


Export of tangible items requires export control analysis. In order to complete the analysis, the quantity, nature, and specifications of the item(s) is helpful in determining whether the item is controlled by the regulations. Additionally, the destination, including the end-use and end-users will assist in knowing whether a license or other approval is needed before the shipment occurs.


If you have questions about this form, please contact Carol Rhodes, UW Export Control Specialist (ECS). She can be reached at (206) 543-2139 or carhodes@u.washington.edu.

Upon completing the Worksheet, please send it to the attention of the Export Control Specialist. An export control license determination will be provided to you to keep in your records. You will be contacted if further information is needed on the Worksheet.