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The Office of Sponsored Program is charged with export compliance across the University of Washington. Providing tools for UW employees, researchers and students is essential in developing and maintaining export compliance. Listed below are current documents and forms available or required for your project.

To see all the available forms ready for download as well as additional resource links visit here.

UW Deemed Export Compliance Attestation

H-1B applicants are required to provide an attestation of being in compliance to US export control laws and regulations by having received proper export license prior to working on an export controlled project or activity. The Deemed Export Compliance Attestation (DECA) Form is an internal form for use only at the UW to document the decisions reflected on the H-1B form.

Additional information on the Deemed Export Compliance Attestation (DECA) can be found here.

UW Shipping Guide

The shipping guide web page offers basic requirements of sending or taking items out of the US to foreign destinations. Whether you are traveling abroad or will be doing research for a project oversees please visit the shipping guide and review the recommended precautions and preferred way of conveyance when shipping items.

Additional information on foreign shipments can be found here.

Export Controlled Technology and Deemed Exports

One of the more frequent questions we receive when a UW employee is traveling abroad is "can I take my computer with me" or "is my computer export controlled".

This section provides guidance on shipping or taking laptops overseas and use of applicable license exceptions. In addition to discussing computers this section will also review the transfer of export controlled technology. Export controlled technology can be exported visually, orally, or a transfer via email, fax, download, etc….

Additional information on exporting technology and traveling abroad with a laptop can be found here.

UW Export Glossary

Do some of the terms seem new or used in a different way than you are familiar with? If so please visit the UW export glossary for UW and Export terminology defined, as well as regulations references, found here.