June 11, 1999
12:30 p.m.
Tacoma Room, UW Tacoma
312 Garretson-Woodruff-Pratt Building
1900 Commerce Street, Tacoma

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Confirm Agenda
Approval of Minutes Previously Distributed:
Minutes of meeting of May 21, 1999  
Report of the President of the Board of Regents: Regent Zehnder
Resolution In Memoriam: Kelso Gillenwater  
Report of the University President: Dr. McCormick
University of Washington, Tacoma Presentation
VII. Standing Committees
A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Clack - Chairman
Academic and Administrative Appointments A-1
Granting of Degrees for 1998-99 A-2
Services and Activities Fee--1999-00 Operating and Capital Allocations A-3
Services and Activities Fees--University of Washington, Bothell: Distribution of Fees and Allocation of Funds A-4
Services and Activities Fees--University of Washington, Tacoma: Distribution of Fees and Allocation of Funds A-5
B. Finance and Audit Committee: Regent Yapp -
Grant and Contract Awards F-1
Commonfund Capital New Leaders Fund, L. P. F-2
Consolidated Endowment Fund Asset Allocation (Committee Action Only) F-3
Monthly Investment Report, April 1999 (Information Only) F-3
C. Capital Assets Committee: Regent Evans - Chairman
University of Washington Health Sciences Center AA/BB Wing Water Riser Replacement - Contract Award C-1
Lander Hall Office Expansion - Contract Award C-2
Purchase - Environmental Systems C-3
Four Seasons Olympic Hotel Lease - Delegation of Authority to Approve Ownership Transfer C-4
UNICO Properties Inc. - Calendar Year 1999 Capital Improvement Reimbursement: Rehabilitation/Modernization (Committee Action Only) C-5
Capital Projects Office Semi-Annual Status Report of Projects Over $5 million C-6
  D. Strategic Planning Committee: Regent Gates - Chairman  
Other Business
Reports from ex officio representatives to the Board:  
ASUW President - Mr. Franklin Donahoe
GPSS President - Ms. Le'a Kent
Alumni Association President - Mr. Cory Carlson
Faculty Senate Chairman - Prof. Theodore Kaltsounis
IX. Date for Next Regular Meeting: July 16, 1999
X. Executive Session
XI. Adjournment