Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Regents Proctor (Chair), Bolton, Cole, Gates, Kiga

In Joint Session With

Finance and Audit Committee

Regents Brotman (Chair), Bolton, Evans, Gates, Jewell, Yapp

Friday, September 17, 2004
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 Noon
Room 142, Gerberding Hall

1. Athletics "Culture" Report Information A-3
  W.T. (Todd) Turner, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
Performance Contracts


  Mark A. Emmert, President
Harlan F. Patterson,
Vice Provost for Planning and Budgeting
3. UW Bothell & UW Tacoma Self Studies (HB #2707) Information A-5
  Overview and Discussion
  Susan Jeffords, Vice Provost for Academic Planning
  UW Bothell Self Study
    Warren Buck, Chancellor, UW Bothell
Thomas Bellamy, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  UW Tacoma Self Study
    Steven G. Olswang, Interim Chancellor, UW Tacoma
Jack Nelson,
Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
4. Tri-Campus Progress Report Information  
Overview and Discussion
  Susan Jeffords
    Douglas J. Wadden, Professor, Design, School of Art
5. Other Business Information