Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Regents Proctor (Chair), Chin, Cole, Gates, Mortel

Friday, May 21, 2004
8:15 - 9:00 a.m.
142 Gerberding Hall

1. Academic and Administrative Appointments Action A-1
  David B. Thorud, Acting Provost
2. Granting of Honorary Degree for Playwright August Wilson for June 2004 Action A-2
  Norman G. Arkans, Associate Vice President for University Relations
3. Granting of Honorary Degree for King Juan Carlos for November 2004 Action A-3
  Anthony Geist, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Studies
4. Granting of Degrees for 2003-2004 Action A-4
  Steven G. Olswang, Vice Provost
5. College of Education - Elimination of the School Counseling Program Action A-5
  Stephen T. Kerr, Associate Dean, College of Education
6. Consolidation of the Departments of Prosthodonitics and Restorative Dentistry into Department of Restorative Dentistry Action A-6
  Martha J. Somerman, Dean, School of Dentistry
7. Services and Activities Fees - University of Washington Bothell:
2004-05 Distribution of Fees and Allocation of Funds
Action A-7
  William (Bill) Kelleher, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Tana L. Hasart, Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Student Affairs
Michael Strazzara, Chair, Services and Activities Fee Committee, Bothell
8. Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges: Statement on Board Responsibilities for Intercollegiate Athletics Information A-8
  Constance L. Proctor, Regent
9. Other Business Information