Standing Committee Assignments

Board Chair* Orin Smith
Board Vice Chair* William S. Ayer
Treasurer of the Board V’Ella Warren
Secretary of the Board Joan Goldblatt
Assistant Secretary of the Board Shelley Tennant

* NOTE: Per the Regents Bylaws, the terms “President” and “Chair” of the Board, and “Vice President and “Vice Chair” of the Board are interchangable. See Article II, Section 2 , entitled “Chair and Vice Chair”. (Click here to view the Regents Bylaws.)

Governance Committee: Chair, ex officio Orin Smith
William S. Ayer
Kristianne Blake
Patrick M. Shanahan
Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Chair William S. Ayer
Vice Chair Jeremy Jaech
Marnie Brown
Constance W. Rice
Rogelio Riojas
Finance and Asset Management Committee: Chair Patrick M. Shanahan
Vice Chair Kristianne Blake
Joanne R. Harrell
Herb Simon
Committee Assignments by Regent: * Chair ** Vice Chair
Orin Smith (Chair) *Governance
William S. Ayer (Vice Chair) *Academic and Student Affairs, Governance
Kristianne Blake **Finance and Asset Management, Governance
Marnie Brown Academic and Student Affairs
Joanne R. Harrell Finance and Asset Management
Jeremy Jaech **Academic and Student Affairs
Constance W. Rice Academic and Student Affairs
Rogelio Riojas Academic and Student Affairs
Patrick M. Shanahan *Finance and Asset Management, Governance
Herb Simon Finance and Asset Management


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