Board of Regents

Standing Committee Assignments

Board Chair* Jeremy Jaech
Board Vice Chair* Constance Rice
Treasurer of the Board Jeffrey F. Scott
Secretary of the Board Tyler Lange
Assistant Secretary of the Board Shelley Tennant

* NOTE: Per the Board of Regents Bylaws, the terms “President” and “Chair” of the Board, and “Vice President and “Vice Chair” of the Board are interchangeable. See Article II, Section 2 , entitled “Chair and Vice Chair”. (Click here to view the Board of Regents Bylaws.)

Governance Committee: Chair, ex officio Jeremy Jaech
William S. Ayer
Joel Benoliel
Kristianne Blake
Constance W. Rice
Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Chair Joel Benoliel
Vice Chair Rogelio Riojas
Jaron Reed Goddard
Blaine Tamaki
Finance and Asset Management Committee: Chair Constance W. Rice
Vice Chair Kristianne Blake
William S. Ayer
Joanne R. Harrell
David Zeeck
Committee Assignments by Regent:  
Jeremy Jaech (Board Chair) Governance (Chair, ex officio)
Constance W. Rice (Board Vice Chair) Finance and Asset Management (Chair), Governance
William S. Ayer Finance and Asset Management, Governance
Joel Benoliel Academic and Student Affairs, (Chair), Governance
Kristianne Blake Finance and Asset Management (Vice Chair), Governance
Jaron Reed Goddard Academic and Student Affairs
Joanne R. Harrell Finance and Asset Management
Rogelio Riojas Academic and Student Affairs (Vice Chair)
Blaine Tamaki Academic and Student Affairs
David Zeeck Finance and Asset Management