Race & Equity Initiative

Leadership workshops

Even for those who are deeply committed to leading for equity and social justice, it is necessary to take time to reflect upon one’s own leadership knowledge, skills and abilities.

Please see below for session titles and descriptions.

Workshops offered in winter and spring 2017:


Instructor: Scott Winn

Session Title: Leading with a Racial Equity Lens for Structural Transformation

Through exercises, discussions and presentations, participants will strengthen their knowledge of strategies and tools to achieve racial equity.  We will explore a framework for racial justice efforts that moves beyond merely valuing racial diversity to creating racial equity. We will discuss how leading with a racial equity lens is an essential component of a strategy for structural transformation to create equity for all.

Seattle Campus: February 10, March 27, April 14, May 8

Tacoma Campus: May 22

Bothell Campus: May 15

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Instructor: Maketa Wilborn

Session Title: Equity 101

This highly interactive training provides a comprehensive introduction to diversity, equity and inclusion work (DEI).  Maketa Wilborn integrates a variety of tools and teaching methods including graphic facilitation, visual imagery, theoretical models, small group dialogue and kinesthetic interaction, to create a dynamic space that supports all types of learners.  This training will provide a foundation for deeper engagement and ongoing learning related to diversity and social justice.  It will help each individual recognize where they are in their personal journey and how they can move forward to be a part of the larger institutional work that is happening across University of Washington campuses.

Seattle Campus: February 9, March 7 (Full), April 19 (Full), May 3 (Full)

Tacoma Campus: March 2

Bothell Campus: May 16

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Instructor: Rosetta Lee

Session Title: What I Said and What I Meant: Improving Cross Cultural Communication

Humans communicate on many levels: spoken language, tone, body language, style and personality. The fact that we have complex cultural identities and a host of differing past experiences increases the probability of cross-cultural miscommunications. This workshop provides an in-depth focus on major cross-cultural communication theories, ways that cultural values, power, privilege and differences affect the way we communicate, tools for questioning assumptions, and ways to improve cross-cultural communications skills.

Seattle Campus: March 14 (FULL), April 4(FULL) , April 11(FULL), May 5 (Newly Added) 

Tacoma Campus: May 12

Bothell Campus: May 30

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Instructor: Dr. Robin D’Angelo

Session Title: Seeing the Water: Whiteness in Daily Life

Session Description: What does it mean to be white in a society that proclaims race meaningless yet is deeply divided by race? Dr. DiAngelo will describe the way race shapes the lives of White people, explain what makes racism so hard for White people to see, and identify common White racial patterns that prevent us from moving towards greater racial equity.  Weaving information, analysis, stories, images, and familiar examples, she provides the framework needed to develop white racial literacy. Although the focus is on white racial identity development, people of color may also find the analysis valuable as it is one that is rarely affirmed or provided in mainstream society.

Learning outcomes for this session include:

  • Providing a shared framework of understanding.
  • Building skills in bridging racial divides.
  • Identifying resources for supporting the work of racial justice.

All take place in the Alder Auditorium:

February 13 (Full),   March 6 (Full),   March 21(Full), March 24 (Full)

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