Race & Equity Initiative

October 17, 2016

Fostering Excellence: Faculty Recruitment and Retention – Provost Report Feature


Chadwick Allen, Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Advancement; Norma Rodriguez, Director, Faculty Advancement

The University of Washington makes it a priority to recruit and retain faculty whose research, teaching and service enhances diversity, and in turn brings excellence. Already, schools and colleges across the three campuses recognize the importance of diversity in prioritizing faculty recruitment and advancement, and overcoming external and internal barriers to hiring.

“We know that student demographics will continue to be more diverse over time,” says Chadwick Allen, associate vice provost for Faculty Advancement. “As a university, we need to regularly ask ourselves: Are we meeting the needs of the students we have now and, as important, those we hope to recruit in the future? We’re always striving toward that goal.”

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