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President Young’s Freshman Convocation speech


President Young’s 2013 Freshman Convocation speech – PDF transcript

Freshman Convocation – Office of Ceremonies

Dear Husky Friends,

Today’s University of Washington students are the most globally minded in our university’s history. Representing a variety of countries and cultures, our students have grown up in a constantly connected world that brings Seattle closer to Spain, and Tacoma closer to Taiwan.

To me, all UW students are international students, no matter where their passport was issued. I call them “iStudents,” global citizens who have a unique opportunity to interact and learn in the diverse environment that the UW has nurtured for 152 years. They will become tomorrow’s physicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and educators. And they will change
the world.

As president, I am committed to making sure the University of Washington is accessible, experimental, enterprising, and, of course, global. And it’s important to me that our iStudents put these foundations to work when they graduate as leaders, thinkers and doers with a uniquely international mindset.

Cultivating an international outlook in our students is imperative to their future success—as individuals, as citizens and as world leaders. And its relevance will endure whether you are a freshman at convocation or a 20-year alumnus. Please read on to learn more about the UW’s commitment to provide all of our iStudents the foundation they need to change the world.

Michael K. Young