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March 4, 2009

President’s Town Hall – Webcast archive

University of Washington

UW President Mark Emmert discusses the status of the University’s budget, the implications of pending budget cuts, and University priorities and strategies for the next biennium. Watch an archived Webcast of the event.

February 24, 2009

President’s Town Hall – State of the UW budget


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students: All members of the University of Washington community are invited to join me on Tuesday, March 3, for a town hall meeting on the University’s current budget situation. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss where we are in the state budget process, the implications of pending budget cuts, and

February 14, 2009

State budget update

Office of the President

Recent media coverage of the state’s fiscal crisis has highlighted the potential loss of jobs at the University in the 2009-11 biennium and the impact this might have on students. It is only natural, of course, that such news would cause alarm. I am writing to provide information about the context for this news and to provide information about where we are in the budget process.

January 14, 2009

The UW and the economic downturn

Office of the President

Dear UW Alumni and Friends: Of all those in our state, UW alumni and friends need least to be reminded of the value of education and a degree from the University of Washington. Therefore, it’s been no surprise that many of you have contacted me in recent weeks with concerns about the weakening economy and

December 18, 2008

State budget challenges

Office of the President

Dear Members of the University Community: Earlier today, Governor Gregoire submitted to the Legislature her 2009-2011 biennial budget proposal. As expected, it contains significant reductions for higher education as well as other state agencies, some of which will also negatively impact our medical centers. Obviously, the Governor faced an enormous challenge in putting together a

November 20, 2008

State budget challenges

Office of the President

Dear Members of the University Community: During the past weeks of market turmoil and grim financial headlines, many of you have expressed concerns about the volatile state of the economy and what impact it will have on the University. With the release of the latest state revenue forecast on Wednesday, we now have a clearer

October 17, 2008

Office Hours: Fall reflections

Office of the President

UW President Mark Emmert discusses the incoming freshman class, a historic Freshman Convocation with honorary degrees presented to Bill Gates and Bill Gates. Sr., and the upcoming legislative session. Watch the video »

October 14, 2008

2008 President’s Annual Address

University of Washington

In his 2008 annual address to the University community, UW President Mark Emmert reflects on the many success from the last year at the University of Washington and anticipates the great things to come. Accomplishments in education, research, grant funding and diversity are just a few of the things he highlights from the 2007-2008 year.

Economic Matters

Office of the President

Dear Members of the University Community: The state of our nation’s–and the world’s–economy is much on people’s minds these days. The University experienced firsthand some of the effects of the Wall Street investment jitters when we decided a few weeks ago to initiate legal action against Northern Trust of Chicago, the bank that held in

June 9, 2008

Office Hours: The environment

Office of the President

In the final Office Hours of 2007-08 school year, UW President Mark Emmert talks about creating the new College of the Environment and the accomplishments of our faculty and students this year. Watch the video »

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