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October 17, 2007

2007 President’s Annual Address

In his 2007 annual address to the university community, UW President Mark Emmert focuses on two basic questions: How is the University doing? And, where is it going? After recognizing some of the accomplishments and challenges of the previous year, he discusses some of the key issues to the university’s future, including providing a rich

June 10, 2007

Office Hours: Preserving Our Environment

In the last Office Hours video of the quarter, UW President Mark Emmert discusses preserving the environment for future generations and some of the things the UW is doing to address the challenge. He welcomes your thoughts and comments. Watch the video »

May 17, 2007

Office Hours: Report on the 2007 Legislative Session

UW President Mark Emmert recaps the 2007 session of the state Legislature and talks about how it will impact the UW’s budget for the next biennium. He welcomes your thoughts and comments. Click on “Comments” above or send an e-mail to Watch the video »

April 24, 2007

Office Hours: The Importance of Federal Funding

The University of Washington leads the nation’s public universities in federal funding for research and is No. 2 overall – second only to Johns Hopkins – among all universities. In this month’s Office Hours video, President Emmert discusses the importance of federal funding for the UW. He welcomes your thoughts and comments. Watch the video »

April 3, 2007

Tragedy from Abroad

As my plane landed in Hyderabad, my phone rang. Before we had finished taxiing to the gate, I heard the shocking news from Gould Hall. I was stunned. Whenever I travel, especially abroad, I have in the very back of my mind a nagging sense that some emergency could occur, some political flare-up, some personnel

April 1, 2007

Huskies, Huskies Everywhere

Perhaps the most fun I have when traveling for the University is in conversation with alumni and visiting faculty. Across India I have chatted with proud Huskies from the class of ’59 to the class of ’99 and Indian faculty who have worked on our campuses within the past few months or 25 years ago. They

March 31, 2007

International Affirmative Action Debates

Despite the stunning differences between India and America, we have much in common. As a student of politics, one of the most obvious similarities to me derives from our systems of government—the U.S. being the oldest democracy, India being the largest. We both also work hard to operate these democracies in the midst of significant

March 27, 2007

Higher Education as Diplomacy

The first half of my visit to India is part of a formal diplomatic mission led by Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Karen Hughes. I am joined by the chancellor of North Carolina State University and the presidents of Baylor University, Kalamazoo College, Johnson and Wales University, and Oakton Community

March 26, 2007

Mumbai – Bustle and Bollywood

I love music—all kinds of music. So I have been delighted by the absolutely wonderful sounds and cadences of urban India. The fusion of Eastern and Western, ancient and contemporary, classical and pop is unlike anything I have heard. Ravi Shankar on steroids comes to mind. And music is everywhere. Even the constant toots and

February 27, 2007

Office Hours: Focus on office space

One of the most pressing issues the university faces is having enough space to teach, to conduct research, to serve the public. In this month’s “Office Hours” video, UW President Mark Emmert discusses the purchase of UW Tower Properties, which will provide over half a million square feet of office space. That will enable the university to reduce

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