June 21, 2006

Shanghai: a 21st century boomtown

Tuesday, June 20 If Beijing is a bustling, modern city, then Shanghai is an explosion of urban energy. The new skyline — nicely featured in Mission Impossible III — has emerged from what was literally a pasture and farmland the last time I was here. To stand at the famous Bund and look across the… Read More

June 19, 2006

Educational change, UW volleyball and American cheeseburgers

Sunday, June 18 Summer has certainly arrived in Beijing, with 90-degree weather and uncommonly clear blue skies – the usual brown cloud of smog leaving at least for the weekend.  Streets and sidewalk shops and restaurants are jammed with families enjoying the bit of perfect weather. Saturday also brought with it an opportunity to talk… Read More

Digital communication has transformed our world and how we live in it

Friday, June 16 Today began and ended with two reminders of just how tightly connected our planet is becoming. First thing this morning, I discussed an issue on state policy with WSU President Lane Rawlins. Then as I rode back to the hotel from a late dinner this evening, I received comments on my first… Read More

June 15, 2006

Wednesday morning, June 14th

As I began my Asia trip in Hong Kong, I was reminded of my last visit here, nearly nine years ago. On that trip, I had the pleasure of attending an academic gathering to witness the transition of Hong Kong from British to Chinese oversight. It was an exciting, historical moment, but I also recalled… Read More

June 8, 2006

Travels to China

I’m University of Washington President Mark Emmert, and I head to China Monday to meet with dignitaries, alumni, business and government leaders, and friends of the university. I hope to update you on my journey whenever time and Internet connections permit. To learn more about the trip, visit my China page.

October 26, 2005

2005 President’s Annual Address

In the year since his first annual address, President Mark Emmert engaged in many conversations with others about the core values of the University of Washington. In his second annual address, Emmert reports on the results of those conversations, focusing on how they shape his vision for the UW’s future. Watch the video »