Office of the President

February 29, 2012

Statement from UW President Michael Young on Senate budget proposal

University of Washington

The Senate budget proposal released today puts a halt to four years of public disinvestment in higher education. The Senate is to be commended for taking this bold stance. Investing in students and their futures charts a course towards sustainable economic recovery and is the best possible form of securing our economic future. Higher education sets people on a path that provides a lifetime of benefits for themselves, their families, and our communities. The Legislature needs to adopt this budget for higher education.

  • jay s

    I wonder of the validity of President Young’s stance of community improvement in Washington.

    First, the Washington legislature can only concern themselves with Washington’s economic future while keeping an eye on the national and global economic horizons. How many of the international students who UW teaches plan on sticking around once they complete their formal studies?

    I agree that the 18% or so the state has been paying for the total operations of UW is a pittance and a poor investment. But, Young’s contention that the legislature’s proposal is an investment in Washington’s future based on his points falls flat with me.

    Perhaps admitting that UW is a major player in the sustainment of an idealogical, economic and educational port of entry in the state would ring less hollow.