Office of the President

May 25, 2011

Statement from UW Interim President Phyllis Wise regarding state budget


It is hard to express satisfaction with a budget that removes another third of the University’s state appropriation, bringing it to just half of what it was three years ago. But these are unusual times, and to its credit, the Legislature did much to try to soften the blow and enable us to manage our resources in more efficient, targeted ways. We understand the heavy responsibility that comes with tuition-setting authority, and our Board of Regents intends to exercise that responsibility with great care. We appreciate the Legislature’s strong commitment to student financial aid, a critical component of the complex equation of state appropriations and tuition. As the burden of paying for college has shifted from the state to students and their families, making sure that Washington’s citizens continue to have access to quality education is our core responsibility as a public institution. It will take a strong commitment from all of us to meet this mission.