Office of the President

March 4, 2009

President’s Town Hall – Webcast archive

University of Washington

VideoUW President Mark Emmert discusses the status of the University’s budget, the implications of pending budget cuts, and University priorities and strategies for the next biennium. Watch an archived Webcast of the event.

  • Mary Mahon

    Thank you so much for archiving this and having it available to those of us who were unable to attend this Town Hall. I appreciate that President Emmert had this meeting.



  • Jackie Der

    Thank you for this candid talk about the economic meltdown’s effects on the UW. I hope that the Administration’s outlook continues to be so open. Also, thanks for your work in the State Capitol – states across the country are cutting university budgets and this State’s budget hole jeopardizes the UW’s stellar programs. I hope that we will all pull together to ensure the UW does everything possible to preserve student access, programs and jobs for the future.

  • Abi Ludwig

    Here’s an idea – How about the UW solicits their employees for volunteers to cut back to a 32 hr work week (with a 20% pay cut)? For every five folks that would do that it could save someone else’s job.

  • Cheryl Wheeler

    Has the UW considered anything like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has done? Please see

    Instructors in my department have been discussing this.