Population Health

Frequently asked questions

How will the facility be used?

The facility will house the Department of Global Health, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) and portions of the School of Public Health. These groups are currently spread across the city in multiple locations, so consolidation into an on-campus facility will accelerate progress towards fulfilling the UW’s 25-year vision for population health.

The facility will act as a physical convening space that allows students, faculty and trainees from a wide range of population health disciplines to exchange ideas, develop projects and prepare for careers that will advance population health locally and globally. The facility will also act as an idea laboratory and collaboration incubator for students, faculty, staff and visitors, who will come together for training, research work and informal discussions yielding new insights and innovation opportunities.

Where will the facility be located?

The UW Board of Regents approved final site selection on May 11, 2017. The facility will be located on the Seattle campus along the east side of 15th Ave. N.E., just south of the intersection with N.E. 40th St and immediately to the north of the Physics/Astronomy Building.

Learn more by reading the site selection announcement.

What will the facility look like?

View the April 2018 flythrough to see proposed interior and exterior visuals of the building.

A live view of the construction site is available through the site’s project management camera.

What types of environmentally sustainable features will the facility contain?

The project’s environmental sustainability will play a part in the long-term growth of the population health enterprise. Ideas that will be explored include: less mechanically intensive solutions for heating, cooling and ventilating the building; increasing daylight and reducing the need for artificial light; encouraging the use of stairs over elevators; and other approaches that reduce operating and maintenance costs while increasing occupant satisfaction and health.

What will happen to space that becomes vacant by a move to the new facility?

After the move, many of the vacated UW-owned spaces will be renovated and used for other institutional purposes, none of which have yet been determined. Consolidation of IHME to an on-campus location will eliminate its need for rented space.

What will be the name of the facility?

No decisions have yet been made regarding a facility name. When such a decision does occur, it will follow the Board of Regents’ Facilities and Spaces Naming Policy.

When will the facility open?

The current target for facility opening is fall quarter of 2020.

Where can I learn more?

The UW Capital Planning & Development’s website maintains additional information relating to this project.