Population Health

Current projects

The Population Health Initiative’s executive council—with input and feedback from faculty, students, and staff across all three UW campuses—has identified three bodies of work that will drive the initiative’s initial activities. These bodies are:

  1. Creating the UW Support Structure—Implementing the supportive environment, structures, incentives, and resources to both accelerate cross-cutting population health projects and establish a model for interdisciplinary collaboration that can be replicated by universities around the world.
  2. Building Capacity and Competency—Fostering comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and innovative population health education and resources for students and faculty and with community partners.
  3. Focusing on Solutions to Key Challenges—Directing focus and resources towards innovative solutions for grand challenges where our work can have the maximum sustainable impact in both the short- and long-term.

Beginning in January 2017, the initiative will begin identifying, prioritizing, and addressing projects in each of these three bodies.

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