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The Pine-Info mailing list

The electronic mailing list Pine-Info covers features, bugs & workarounds, usage, installation, customization and more pertaining to the Pine software. While unmoderated, it is intended primarily for discussion of matters of interest to systems/email administrators, developers, trainers, user support personnel, and others involved with Pine messaging on a "technical" level. For information on how to be added to or removed from the list, see Subscribing to the Pine-Info mailing list. New releases, fixes and versions of Pine are announced on the list, too; but if you only want to be informed of those, you can subscribe to the Pine-Announce mailing list.

End-user questions should be directed to the newsgroup comp.mail.pine rather than the mailing list.

All Pine-Info postings are available online for a minimum of two years. Although search functionality is not provided by our site, you can use the search engine generously provided by MARC to search the pine-info archive. Use of the Pine-Info message archives for the compilation of email address lists for commercial purposes is prohibited (Chapter 42.17 RCW).

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