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Overview: What is the Pine Messaging System?


The guiding principles for Pine's user-interface were: careful limitation of features, one-character mnemonic commands, always-present command menus, immediate user feedback, and high tolerance for user mistakes.

It is intended that Pine can be learned by exploration rather than reading manuals. Feedback from the user community at the University of Washington and a growing number of Internet sites has been encouraging.

Pine uses Internet message protocols (e.g. RFC-822, SMTP, MIME, IMAP, NNTP) and runs on Unix and PCs.

Pine's message composition editor, Pico, is also available as a separate stand-alone program. Pico is a very simple and easy-to-use text editor offering paragraph justification, cut/paste, and a spelling checker.


The creation and continuing development of Pine is the result of the work of many individuals.

For further information, contact us. Pine and Pico are trademarks of the University of Washington.

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