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Download PC-Pine setup program

For PC-Pine with Kerberos support, download one of the following:

PC-Pine for MIT Kerberos setup program
PC-Pine for Windows 2000 Kerberos setup program

If you prefer to setup PC-Pine yourself, download the individual .zip files:
PC-Pine for 32-bit Microsoft operating system. This version of PC-Pine has TLS/SSL support only. It does not use Kerberos, and is therefore suited for most users. MD5: dfae9d81a6a0b6abffc8de56f931dd64

Two versions for use with Kerberos. See the important information before downloading either of these versions. MD5: ca7daa92a3cc68071cd216c3a3fc9b04 MD5: 8291bdfd6958b1a32f5522a4f0db63ce

Other PC-Pine utilities and previous versions: MD5: cc90b55477ac13af666ab0c6f9d057bb MD5: 97c61766458ac2d283106e7ff3830911 MD5: 9aa159eaf92bb3275c759e1c4c46b940

The Pine Technical Notes contain detailed explanations about installation, support files and environment variables, and noteworthy facts about running the Pine email client on a personal computer.

All versions of the most recent PC-Pine include TLS/SSL support. Using TLS/SSL requires support by the mail server.

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