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mbox driver bug and patch

A bug was introduced in Pine 4.55 which can break the "mbox" functionality
for some users.  mbox allows you to have a traditional UNIX format INBOX
in a file called "mbox" in your UNIX home directory.  Incoming mail is
automatically moved from the spool directory into the mbox file.

This bug affects all users whose Pine inbox-path is set blank or to

It does NOT affect users whose Pine inbox-path is set to "INBOX":
Thus, the workaround to this bug is to set inbox-path to "INBOX"

It does NOT affect PC-Pine users or users who do not have a file 
named "mbox" in their home directory.

The fix for this bug is to edit file pine4.55/imap/src/osdep/unix/mbox.c,
and change line 90 from:
  if (((name[0] == 'I') || (name[1] == 'i')) &&
  if (((name[0] == 'I') || (name[0] == 'i')) &&

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