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Getting Help with Pine

1.1 What documentation is available for Pine?

The Pine program itself includes extensive internal, context-sensitive help, accessible by pressing ? or ^G in most screens. Pressing R while at Pine's MAIN MENU displays the Release Notes. Additional information, including a User's Guide, Technical Notes, Questions & Answers, where to obtain the Pine software, what tools are available to perform tasks that Pine itself does not, and more, can be accessed:

1.2 Whom should I ask for help with Pine?

If you need assistance with Pine, contact the technical support staff or computer help desk of your Internet Service Provider, school, university, employer, ... -- whichever organization provided you with the email account on which you are using Pine. (Due to the large number of Pine installations worldwide, the University of Washington cannot provide individual support services to Pine users at other organizations.)

Pine end-user questions are also discussed in the newsgroup comp.mail.pine. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before posting to the newsgroup.

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