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Pine Development

14.1 What is the latest version of Pine, and what's new in it?

See "Pine Release Chronology & Version Changes" at

14.2 When is the next release of Pine scheduled?

As late as possible, as soon as necessary, and vice versa! Seriously, firm future release dates are hard to establish. To make sure you won't miss the next release, you can subscribe to the Pine-Announce mailing list; for more information on that, see

14.3 What are the results of the anonymous messages sent to the UW for tallying?

This refers to the following message when Pine begins for the first time, or when a new .pinerc is generated:

                    <<<This message will appear only once>>>

           Welcome to Pine ... a Program for Internet News and Email

  We hope you will explore Pine's many capabilities. From the Main Menu,
  select Setup/Config to see many of the options available to you. Also
  note that all screens have context-sensitive help text available.

  SPECIAL REQUEST: This software is made available world-wide as a public
  service of the University of Washington in Seattle. In order to justify
  continuing development, it is helpful to have an idea of how many people
  are using Pine. Are you willing to be counted as a Pine user? Pressing
  Return will send an anonymous (meaning, your real email address will not
  be revealed) message to the Pine development team at the University of
  Washington for purposes of tallying.

              Pine is a trademark of the University of Washington.

First-Use Statistics are generated from these messages.

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