Patch for Pine 3.95

A patch for version 3.95 of Pine was made available on 14 Jan. 1997. It has been incorporated into Pine 3.96. The patch addressed the following problems:
  1. Sun Solaris 2.5 crash -- A bug in the Solaris kernel causes a system hang when a zero byte read is attempted on a network socket.
  2. AIX 4.2 composer "hang" -- A bug in the Pico makefile introduced an incompatibility between Pine and the Pico library causing Pine to appear to "hang" when entering the Pine Composer.
  3. Sent message dot quoting -- A bug in Pine's posting code can cause periods in message bodies to get doubled. This is most evident when including uuencoded files in a message body. Note, this problem did not impact message attachments.
  4. Improved HUP handling vs. poll system call -- Fixes a problem that cause what appeared to be a crash when a HUP was received while waiting for command input. Affected ports include: generic SVR4, Solaris, and DYNIX/ptx.
  5. C-client locking vs. symbolic links security patched.
  6. Address book problems when no nickname supplied fixed.
  7. Slightly more forgiving Date sort.
  8. Improved handling of unexpected changes to address book data.
  9. Formfeed output during aggregate printing fixed.
  10. Empty group address phrase bug fixed.

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