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Changes from Pine 4.63 to 4.64

Pine 4.64 is available to download

The following information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:

New in Pine 4.64

   Version 4.64 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few
   additions as well.
   Additions include:
     * Even though Pine does not properly support the UTF-8 character
       set, the Allow-Version3-LDAP feature will cause Pine to go ahead
       and try to talk to an LDAP server which is a version 3 server. You
       will find this feature in the Setup/Directory screen. It is
       separately settable for each server you configure.
   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:
     * Crash with malformed mailbox name that allows an authorized user
       to run commands from the shell
     * When a PC-Pine network read, or a non-SSL Unix Pine network read
       took longer than Tcp-Read-Warning-Timeout (default 15 seconds)
       Pine would always time out instead of allowing the user to
     * Bug when setting Reply-Indent-String to the Empty Value. Quote
       showed up as a double quote instead of as nothing.
     * Crash when Pine attempts to open a remote (IMAP, POP3, NNTP)
       mailbox specification that has an unterminated quoted string in
       the network part of the name
     * Sorting by Score would not work after changing a message's score
       by setting a keyword or changing its status
     * Crash when adding then deleting the first header color
     * Crash when Bouncing a message and then selecting the address to
       bounce the message to using ^T and the directory server screen
     * When exporting a flowed message, perform wrapping to get rid of
       long lines and space stuffing
     * Incorrect MESSAGE INDEX when message contains some high-bit
       characters (do a better job of ensuring that control characters in
       a message don't reach the screen by mistake)
     * Limit amount of delay that can be caused by the system clock
       jumping backwards
     * Bug that caused confirmation prompt to be skipped when Apply
       Saving messages with the first message in the set not having
       deleted parts
     * Allow commas in Customized-Hdrs fields and in header fields
       defined in Roles
     * When two Pines were accessing the same address book and the two
       Pines had different ideas of how it should be sorted, they could
       get into a slow loop changing the sort order back and forth
       forever. Now give up and leave the sort alone after the first time
       this happens in a session.
     * When Disable-Keymenu was set the "Other" subcommand did not work
       correctly in the Apply command
     * When an address book contained multiple entries with the same
       nickname the ^T method of selecting always selected the first
     * Crash when editing the first of two address book entries with the
       same nickname and changing the first from a single address into a
       list of addresses

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