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Changes from Pine 4.62 to 4.63

Pine 4.63 is available to download

The following information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:

New in Pine 4.63

   Version 4.63 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few
   additions as well.
   Additions include:
     * When cancelling a message being composed the commands are now "^C"
       followed by "_C_onfirm" instead of "^C" followed by "_Y_es". "^C"
       "Yes" was close to "^X" "Yes", the command used to send a message.
       The change is there to prevent inadvertent cancellations. The old
       behavior may be restored by setting the feature
     * Command-line option "-url" can now be used with "-attach" and
       similar options
     * Quell-User-Id-Prompt no longer falls back on prompting for user-id
       if a connection to the INBOX can't be established
     * New token _CURNEWS_ which is equal to the current newsgroup if
       there is one, mostly for use with the Reply-Leadin option
     * New token ARROW for use in the Index-Format option for the MESSAGE
       INDEX screen. This causes the current message to be indicated by
       an arrow instead of being shown in reverse video. It may also be
       colored if desired.
     * New feature Force-Arrow-Cursor turns on an "arrow" cursor in the
       MESSAGE INDEX just like you get with the Assume-Slow-Link feature
       turned on, except the coloring of the index line will still take
     * Address book entries can be exported to a file in tab-separated
       columns for more convenient import to some other clients
     * New variable Quote-Replace-String and feature
       Quote-Replace-Nonflowed allow for replacing quotes with the string
       of the user's choice when viewing a message
     * Character Set matching can now be done conveniently in Rules
     * Field for comments added to Rules. Warning: Don't use this field
       until all of the Pines that you run are version 4.63 or higher,
       since it will cause the Rule to be ignored in previous versions.
     * There is a new filterNow command located under Setup/Rules which
       causes your filters to be re-run immediately. This is _not_ useful
       for most users since filters are run immediately as new mail
       arrives, but it may be useful if you want to re-run filters after
       changing the status (New, Important, Deleted, and so on) of
       messages and you don't want to wait until exiting the folder or
   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:
     * Crash when an IMAP server dies while browsing the server's
       collection of folders
     * Crash with message "Lock when already locked" when saving multiple
       messages where some of those messages have had attachments deleted
     * Possible crash when viewing an attachment with an encoded name
     * Crash when saving from a local folder which has been closed due to
       external modification
     * TABbing for new mail in a news maildrop with multiple newsrcs was
     * Role inheritance only worked one level deep
     * When viewing messages with the Quote-Suppression-Threshold turned
       on, non-flowed messages with long lines that wrapped caused
       confusion with the quoted line counting
     * Malformed addresses were not always handled cleanly when replying.
       Now the original address should be presented to the user who must
       sort it out.
     * In PC-Pine, Postponed tab was needlessly grayed out when editing
     * It wasn't possible to add a collection that was a sub-collection
       of the open Inbox on a cyrus server because Pine tried to create
       the directory Inbox and that Folder/Directory already existed
     * Handles (for example, for URLs) would sometimes be selectable even
       though they had been scrolled off the screen one line, causing
     * Failed to notice expunges in local folders which were in mbx
     * In composer: ^R to reveal Attachment line, attach a file without
       leaving the line (e.g. with ^T), then ^R while still in the
       Attachment line, and the attachment was not sent
     * When viewing format=flowed messages with the DelSp=yes parameter
       urls were not recognized if they were split in the middle. It is
       recommended that messages not be sent with this format but it is
       known that some clients (Apple Mail is one) do send such mail.
     * Avoid unnecessary re-sort of the folder when re-filtering in
       preparation for an expunge
     * In PC-Pine, crash when fonts with unknown character sets are
     * Bug in composer when cleaning up a flowed message with
       indentations inside of quotes.
     * Preserve Literal-Signature leading spaces in config file
     * Strip trailing spaces from signatures so that they won't be
       recognized as flowed text
     * Fix race condition in rpdump that could cause overwriting of
       arbitrary local files owned by the user running rpdump if a
       malicious user has write permission in the same directory as the
       local file specified on the command line.
     * When running Pine in function key mode, make it possible to
       Reverse the sort

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