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Changes from Pine 4.60 to 4.61

Pine 4.61 is available to download

The following information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:


  Version 4.61 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few
   additions as well.

   Additions include:

     * The "^T" "To Files" command from within the composer on the
       Attchmnt header line or from within the composer in the "^J"
       "Attach" command is now capable of attaching multiple files at
     * When Exporting a message with attachments you now have the option
       of saving all of the attachments in a new directory (Export
       Message File Selection) by typing "^P" while exporting
     * Feature to modify behavior of TAB command,
     * When sending, flowed text (RFC 3676) is sent by default. Now it is
       possible to turn off this behavior on a message by message basis
       with the ^V command at the Send prompt. You may still turn if off
       for all cases with the feature Quell-Flowed-Text.
     * Viewer-Margin-Left and Viewer-Margin-Right made a little more
     * Suppress quoted text when viewing messages with
     * The behavior of the HdrMode Command has changed slightly. It now
       reverts back to normal mode when you switch to a new message. It
       also has an additional state if Quote-Suppression-Threshold is
       turned on.
     * The old behavior of the HdrMode Command can be restored by not
       setting the Quote-Suppression-Threshold and setting the new
       feature Quell-Full-Header-Auto-Reset
     * Feature to rename sent-mail folder to sent-mail-yyyy-mm instead of
       sent-mail-mon-year (Prune-Uses-YYYY-MM)
     * With Alternate-Role-Menu option turned on you could Reply or
       Forward using a Role. Now you can also Bounce using a role.
     * Relaxed conditions which caused a filter to not be reevaluated
       before expunging if the user changed flags manually. Now only a
      manual Undelete may cause the filter to not be reevaluated before

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     * Crash when resizing screen in empty collection
     * Crash with alternate-role-menu in empty folder
     * Crash when you enter the name of a server incorrectly
     * Crash when using aggregate Save and some attachments have been
     * Exit folder collection with "<" command was broken
     * Export command in FOLDER LIST did not always work
     * Filtering on subject with non-ascii value did not work correctly
     * Index display sometimes incorrect when threading
     * Incorrect conversion from one 8-bit character set to another
     * Saved-Msg-Name-Rule of "last-folder-used" broken in 4.60
     * The threading-indicator-character would disappear when Expunging
       in some cases
     * Stay-Open-Folders did not work with local folders
     * Strip-From-Sigdashes-On-Reply was failing when replying to a
       non-flowed message with flowed-text enabled
     * Sigdashes were incorrectly flowed for some flowed messages
     * When building pine, compiling filter.c was broken or slow on some
     * Features hide-nntp-path and disable-shared-namespaces weren't
       being correctly initialized
     * Rule Patterns could only have a single category of Extra Headers
     * The command to Replicate a rule did not copy the "not" parts of
       the rule correctly

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