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Changes from Pine 4.58 to 4.60

Pine 4.60 is available to download

The following information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:


   Version 4.60 is an evolutionary release which introduces some new

   Additions include:

     * In PC-Pine, add ability to do piping, Sending-Filters,
       Display-Filters, and other operations where external command
       execution is possible.
     * Control margins in Message Viewing screen with Viewer-Margin-Left
       and Viewer-Margin-Right
     * Display flowed text well
     * Send flowed text when possible, with the ability to turn this
       behavior off through the new feature Quell-Flowed-Text
     * Add keywords to folders using the Keywords option to set them up
       and the Flag Command to set or clear them for particular messages.
       Filters may also set or clear keywords. Keywords may be used for
       Selecting messages, for matching messages in Rule Patterns, and
       may be displayed in the index using the SUBJKEY token in the
       Index-Format option.
     * In Mac OS X, view and send attachments and URLs according to how
       the system defines handling them, without relying on the existence
       of a mailcap or mime.types file
     * For PC-Pine, add a separate window that contains new mail
       notifications for all folders currently opened (in PC-Pine Config
     * Reply or Forward using a Role by turning on the
       Alternate-Role-Menu option
     * More IMAP connection caching: control it with options
       Stay-Open-Folders, Preopen-Stayopen-Folders,
       Max-Remote-Connections, and Offer-Expunge-On-Stayopen-Folders
     * New feature Offer-Expunge-On-Inbox
     * An attempt is made to convert incoming UTF-8 messages to the
       user's character set
     * Added support for HOME and END keys in message view and message
     * Prevent canonicalization of news server names by setting
     * Remove hostname from NNTP Path header with Hide-NNTP-Path option
     * Support for External Categorizer Commands in Rules
     * Improved interface when editing rules with many comma-separated
     * More control over mail checking frequency with
       Quell-Mailchecks-Composing-Inbox, and
     * More control over filtering of control characters to screen with
       Pass-C1-Control-Characters-as-is option
     * New Export and Unexport commands in FOLDER LIST screen
     * Now possible to use message size in Rule Patterns
     * As a convenience, a shortcut for the command line argument
       "-feature-list=feature" is "-feature", for example,
       "-signature-at-bottom" or "-no-signature-at-bottom"
     * Add PC-Pine command-line argument "-registry noset"
     * Add command-line argument "-nowrite_passfile"
     * Add feature Quell-Attachment-Extension-Warn
     * Add features Quell-Filtering-Messages and
     * Add feature Quell-Charset-Warning
     * Add feature Maildrops-Preserve-State
     * Don't remove whitespace from the end of lines, a behavior which
       can be turned off through the new feature
     * Double dollar sign escapes special meaning of dollar sign in both
       Unix Pine and PC-Pine (Using Environment Variables)
     * RedHat and Debian ports more closely obey the Linux Hierarchy
     * Improve performance of Select command when using Narrow or Broaden
       and talking to an IMAP server
     * Add feature Disable-Terminal-Reset-For-Display-Filters (you might
       want to look into this if you have noticed that the coloring of
       quoted text is broken when viewing messages)
     * When displaying a message with QP encoding errors, instead of just
       reporting "Non-hexadecimal character in QP encoding" and then
      giving up, attempt to do the best possible
     * Add feature Show-Sort
     * Add feature Downgrade-Multipart-To-Text
     * Add feature Dead-Letter-Files
     * Port named "soc" is an attempt to use native Solaris compiler
     * Add ability to justify the full message from the composer by doing
       Control-W Control-J

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:
     * Crash when forwarding an attached message as an attachment
     * Crash because of DebugJournal code on some systems, related to the
       way they handle variable length arguments in C
     * Crash when indexline colors are enabled and the last message of a
       mailbox is expunged out from under us
     * In FOLDER LIST screen using Select, Narrowing was not working
     * When viewing a message with colored quotes, sometimes lines would
       be erased from the screen when using the Up Arrow key
     * Bug where normal text remained the same color as links after
       viewing certain types of HTML-formatted messages
     * More thoroughly use partial fetching for Quell-SSL-Largeblocks
       when working around the Microsoft SSL crash that they continuously
       forget to fix
     * Crash when entering numerous attachments in the composer Attchmnt:
     * Crash when composing to command line argument when address
       requires an LDAP lookup
     * Forwarding an address book distribution list did not work
       correctly in PC-Pine
     * GoTo a POP folder was broken in 4.58
     * Non-terminating Filter Rules that only set message state, when
       followed by a regular terminating rule that moved or deleted a
       message, would cause messages matching the non-terminating rule to
       be incorrectly deleted
     * Near-infinite loop trying to open a temp file if disk quota is
     * Crash when trying to view attachment with a RFC-2047-encoded
     * Crash or data corruption when editing a HEADER COLOR's Pattern to
     * HEADER COLOR's Pattern to match truncated to 100 characters
     * In C locales where the decimal point character used by the printf
       function is comma, some files could not be attached because their
       size was listed as 7,3 KB, causing a parsing problem
     * Bug where including a file from the composer would sometimes fail
     * Warn before attempting to view a file:// URL
     * Pine on Mac OS X appears to hang when saving an attachment by
       overwriting a file
     * Pine hangs when given bad input for a rule interval
     * Couldn't use Filters anymore if an empty file was included. The
       same was true for other types of Rules, as well.
     * Pine loses track of its selected messages and only saves one
       message when new mail arrives during an aggregate save.

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