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Changes from Pine 4.53 to 4.55

Pine 4.55 is available to download

The following information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:


Version 4.55 addresses bugs found in previous releases and also introduces
some new functionality. 

Additions include:

  * Experimental Mail Drop setup is now possible using the "h_folder_name_namespaces"
  * Send-Without-Confirm 
  * "Return-To-Inbox-Without-Confirm"
  * "Signature Color" when viewing a message
  * Mail access using POP3 should be faster with modern POP3 servers, since Pine now uses the TOP and LIST commands if available.
  * NNTP-Range may speed news access if newsgroups are large
  * In PC-Pine, the tree icon turns yellow when there is an unexpected closing of a mail folder
  * Folder-Reopen-Rule
  * Rule Pattern Age intervals and Score intervals may be lists of
    intervals now. Careful, Pines prior to version 4.55 will notice only
    the first interval in the list.
 *  Translation of various Unicode punctuation characters and the Euro
    symbol found in HTML mail to their US-ASCII equivalents
 *  New ROLENICK token
 *  "Warn-if-blank-Subject"
 *  "Warn-if-blank-To-and-Cc-and-Newsgroups"
 *  Added PC-Pine features "Quell-User-Id-Prompt" and
 *  Turned off setlocale call for category LC_CTYPE and now provide a
    hidden feature "enable-setlocale-ctype" to turn it back on and a
    hidden feature "disable-setlocale-collate" to turn off the setlocale
    call for category LC_COLLATE. It is understood that you probably
    don't know what this means, in which case you should leave these
    features alone. Turning off the CTYPE setlocale solves a technical
    problem in some cases.

Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

 *  Messages may be unexpectedly marked Deleted or expunged if the
    following conditions hold:
     +  The folder is accessed using IMAP
     +  The feature "Expunge-Only-Manually" is set
     +  Some messages in the folder have been Filtered during this
     +  The folder contains messages which haven't been displayed in the
        index or viewed in this session
    If these conditions hold, then any messages which were previously
    marked Deleted will be expunged from the folder, and a seemingly
    random set of the messages which haven't been displayed this session
    will be marked Deleted.
 *  Do not attempt extra authentications after already authenticated to
    SMTP server
 *  Pine appears to hang when viewing mailto urls with
    initial-keystroke-list set to start in index
 *  Crash in mailutil and incorrect hierarchy handling in mailutil
 *  Crash when viewing last message of a folder when the message is
    Expunged and titlebar-color-style is not default
 *  In PC-Pine, correcting a spell-checked word can sometimes cause a
 *  Crash when expunging while quitting with a particular combination of
    filters and messages in the folder
 *  Mailboxes connected to via POP3 could display message data for the
    wrong message in the event of an expunge
 *  Change Win2K/XP Kerberos support to not try to get the Kerberos realm
    name (needed to work in a pure MS Kerberos environment)
 *  If inbox-path is set to or defaults to "inbox", then FCCs to inbox
    will fail after an incorrect attempt to create inbox in the primary
 *  Remote pine config might double in size when running both pine4.4x
    and pine4.5x
 *  Sort and thread subject matching now complies completely with the
 *  When replying or forwarding something with a charset that is
    different from ours, label with our character-set if charset
    conversion is enabled.
 *  Stored passwords work incorrectly if you use two accounts on the same
 *  Can only rename an incoming folder once per session
 *  WhereIs command sometimes displays negative line number by mistake
 *  Invisible current line after going from viewing a threaded message to
    Main menu and then Index
 *  When Zooming an index where some messages in the selected set are in
    collapsed threads, it wasn't possible to see the selected messages,
    and the current message may even have been hidden. Auto-expand
    collapsed threads which contain selected messages at the time of the
 *  TAB command stopped one thread too soon if in threaded index and the
    new message was inside a thread.
 *  Failed open of a folder from a newsgroup caused the equivalent of an
    uneXclude when the newsgroup was reopened.
 *  Rare crash when replying
 *  With some defective IMAP servers a filter which required a match in
    the To pattern would not match. The IMAP server defect is that the
    server does not implement a HEADER search for the empty string to be
    equivalent to a test for the header existing.
 *  When forwarding HTML messages with attachments, they are marked as
    being HTML Text even though they are being sent out as Plain text.
 *  Forwarding an attachment can incorrectly use a role even if there are
    patterns that aren't matched.
 *  Whereis fails when searching from a threaded index when in
    separate-index-screen mode.
 *  The message "Keeping x messages and removing y" was counting filtered
    (and so invisible) messages in the Keeping number.
 *  Avoid deeply nested IMAP search commands because some servers object.
    This should make large numbers of items in Rule header patterns work
 *  Restore the old justify behavior from 4.44.
 *  Selecting using WhereIs ^X command did not respect

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