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Additional Information: Release Notes for Pine 4.50

In Pine 4.50 and later, Rules which contain unrecognized elements are ignored. In most cases, the unrecognized elements will be something that was added as a new Rules feature in a later version of Pine. In versions of Pine prior to 4.50, Pine did not ignore rules which contained unrecognized elements. For example, a new element of Rules which was added in Pine 4.50 is Age interval. Suppose you add an Indexcolor rule, using version 4.50 or later, that colors all messages older than a week red. Now, if you run Pine 4.44 using that same configuration file, it will not recognize the Age interval and so will just ignore it. That means that all messages will match that rule so all messages will be colored red when using version 4.44.

This behavior was considered a bug so it is fixed in 4.50 and later. However, since the behavior still exists in versions prior to 4.50 and since Filtering is a potentially destructive operation, another measure was taken to attempt to avoid unintentional Filtering of messages. The first time that you run a Pine which is version 4.50 or greater, the rules in your Filters configuration variable ("patterns-filters") will be copied to a new Filters configuration variable with a different name ("patterns-filters2"). From then on, Pine version 4.50 or higher will continue to use the new variable. Of course, Pine version 4.44 or lower will continue to use the old variable. That means that if you are using one version of Pine which is 4.50 or newer and also using a version which is older than 4.50, they will not share the configuration information about Filters. If you make a change in one version you won't see it in the other version.

Since Scoring can be used to trigger Filtering, the same thing has been done for Score rules. The old configuration variable name is ("patterns-scores") and the new name is ("patterns-scores2"). The same is not true of Role, Indexcolor, and Other rules which are thought to be less harmful when a mistake is made.

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