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Changes from Pine 4.44 to 4.50

Pine 4.50 is available to download

The following information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:


Version 4.50 introduces some new functionality and addresses bugs found
in earlier releases.

Additions include:

 *  Threading support
     +  Threading display styles configurable (Threading-Display-Style)
     +  Threading index styles configurable (Threading-Index-Style)
     +  Options to affect threading display,
        "Threading-Indicator-Character", "Threading-Expanded-Character",
        and "Threading-Lastreply-Character"
     +  Feature to color thread index lines the same color as the
        Important symbol "thread-index-shows-important-color"
     +  Feature to make slash command collapse whole thread instead of
        just the subthread at current line
 *  Rule Pattern enhancements
     +  Non-terminating Filter Rules
     +  New option in Rule Patterns to match message body text but not
     +  "Not" ("!") operator in Header patterns, AllText patterns, and
        BodyText patterns
     +  New option in Rule Patterns to match messages of a certain age
     +  New option in Rule Patterns to match messages with raw 8-bit
        characters in the Subject (Raw 8-bit in Subject)
     +  New option in Rule Patterns to match messages which have a From
        or Reply-To address which is in your address book
     +  New option in Rule Patterns to match messages which are Recent
     +  If Patterns contain elements that are unrecognized, most likely
        because they are from a version of Pine which is newer than the
        Pine that is running, Pine will not act on them. WARNING: If you
        are using a version of Pine which is 4.50 or newer and also using
        a version which is older than 4.50 you should probably read this
        additional information.
 *  New option to use a role-based SMTP server
 *  Rudimentary support for converting a message in a character set
    different from yours to your character set when displaying the
 *  Rudimentary support for ISO-2022-JP. Uses EUC for UNIX Pine with
    terminals that understand how to display EUC, and uses Shift-JIS for
 *  Fcc copies of sent mail may be automatically marked Seen
 *  Select text body (excluding header) option
 *  New feature "enable-full-header-and-text"
 *  New color feature "Titlebar-Color-Style"
 *  More new index format tokens
 *  "Pass-control-characters-as-is". feature is always turned on in
    PC-Pine now
 *  Now possible to search LDAP from bounce command with ^T
 *  Attachment viewing now offers option to view by file extension if
    mime type is unknown
 *  New PC-Pine feature "store-window-position-in-config"
 *  New PC-Pine command line flag "-nosplash" to disable splash screen
 *  New feature "quell-timezone-comment-when-sending" for working around
    paranoid SMTP servers
 *  Hidden feature "quell-maildomain-warning"
 *  Hidden feature "enable-attachment-extra-prompt"
 *  Add References header to all replies, whether it be in newsgroups or
 *  More efficient use of IMAP connections when viewing and managing
 *  New PC-Pine registry setting for the pine.conf file
 *  Pico only preserves the start-stop characters (^Q/^S) if given the -p
 *  If a filter sets status bits and then the user uses D, U, or *
    command on a message, don't refilter that message when expunging.
    WARNING: it will still be refiltered next time the folder is opened.

Bugs that are addressed in this release include:

 *  Potential security problem with remote data folders
 *  Bug in HTML parser that left underline character turned on
 *  Bug in HTML parser that swallowed last character when there was a
 *  Crash in HTML parser when encountering many links on one line
 *  Recognize HTML <SCRIPT> and <STYLE> elements so at least we don't
    spew them onto the display
 *  Strip directories from suggested filenames when saving attachments
 *  Fixed bug that adds extra line for each postpone
 *  Get rid of duplicate "sent-mail" display after monthly pruning
 *  Bug using Netscape IMAP server and remote Pine config
 *  Bug displaying multipart/alternative if text alternative has a name
 *  Clean control characters out of status messages unless
 *  Preserve character set labeling of Subject when forwarding if it is
 *  In PC-Pine, remember script the user sets the font to
 *  In PC-Pine, turn off scroll bar updating while formatting a large
    message for viewing, which is particularly helpful for Windows XP.
 *  In PC-Pine, rename of folder which was only a case change didn't work
 *  Make PC-Pine stop complaining about spaces in filenames for
 *  Always write CRLF and not LF newlines when writing out PC-Pine pinerc
 *  Fix to handle IMAP referral URL with auth=anonymous properly
 *  When replying or forwarding something with a charset that is
    different from ours, label with that charset if user has not entered
    any new characters with high bit set
 *  With one message selected and it wasn't the currently highlighted
    message, Apply Save would get confused
 *  Crash when adding filter that filters to incoming folder that does
    not exist and is first incoming folder other than INBOX
 *  Out of memory crash with some filters that set status bits
 *  INBOX didn't work as an Fcc target
 *  Thread and Score sorts were missing from Sort dialog
 *  In PC-Pine, don't write screen position to registry if minimized
 *  Accept nulls in files when reading them into composer
 *  Justify crashes and bugs with non-whitespace-terminated indent
    strings and with long words
 *  PC-Pine select and copy crash
 *  Fix quoting for PC-Pine command line arguments

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