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Changes from Pine 4.40 to 4.41

This information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:

Version 4.41 is a bug-fix release that addresses bugs found in earlier
releases. There are only a few non-bug changes.

Functional changes include:

 *  Setup/Signature prefers literal-signature by default
 *  Composer justify command handles nested quoting better
 *  Increased efficiency for remote configurations (no temporary files)
 *  New tokens SIZECOMMA (similar to 4.33 SIZE) and SIZENARROW for
 *  Select by size (thanks to Martin Gallwey)
 *  New feature quell-content-id for working around Outlook XP problem
 *  New PC-Pine feature quell-ssl-largeblocks for working around OS
 *  Better color interoperability between PC-Pine and Unix Pine with
    16-color xterm
 *  New PC-Pine dialog to aid in locating configuration file if none

Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

 *  Save from local folder to simple name in remote collection fails
 *  Crash when selecting folders by Properties (Unseen...) in local
 *  Crash when talking to POP3 servers which have the EXPIRE capability
 *  Crash when talking to SMTP server which offers STARTTLS
 *  Crash when accessing remote config if there is a TLS failure
 *  Crash when index-format includes SCORE token, a score rule includes
    an AllText pattern, and the folder being scored is remote
 *  Delivery Status Notification (DSN) broken
 *  Editing reply-indent-string was broken when using Windows dialog
 *  Entire folder is re-filtered when Save is typed and save-will-advance
    is set

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