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Changes from Pine 4.33 to 4.40

This information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:

Version 4.40 introduces some new functionality and addresses bugs found
in earlier releases.

Additions include:

 *  TLS and SSL support
     +  TLS is fully supported in sources
     +  SSL is fully integrated in the source, due to changes in US
        export regulations
     +  For Unix and Windows 2000 Pine, server certificates must be
        signed by a trusted certificate authority (more)
 *  Help for managing remote config and address books
     +  Command line method to convert sigs from files to literal
     +  Standalone commands rpload and rpdump to load and dump files to
        and from remote config or address book folders
 *  New rules-based methods for setting up per-folder startup rules,
    sorting, and index format
 *  Rules-based filtering can now set message state (Important, Deleted,
 *  Expunge now causes filter rules to be re-examined
 *  New printer type "attached-to-wyse"
 *  New feature enable-take-export
 *  New Setup/Kolor option Current Indexline Style
 *  New hidden feature disable-password-caching
 *  New hidden feature disable-shared-namespaces
 *  Some new tokens available, including KSIZE, SMARTTIME, SMARTDATETIME,
    SCORE, and INIT
 *  New by-realname "saved-msg-name-rules"
 *  New command line argument -supported

Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

 *  PC-Pine splash screen remains visible if started minimized
 *  Allow longer folder names
 *  Crash when posting news and no nntp-server defined
 *  Config changes not flushed to remote config folder when exiting
    without quitting Pine
 *  Temp files not removed when exiting without quitting Pine
 *  TakeAddr crash on encoded addresses
 *  TakeAddr removed old entry when nickname matched, even if user said
 *  Newmail added to folder by a filter was not sorted correctly
 *  From header not always popping up in composer after postpone
 *  Select by Date in newsgroups broken
 *  Multi-line subject breaks new mail message
 *  Extra F (FFrom) written to mailbox in some situations

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