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Changes from Pine 4.32 to 4.33

This information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:

Version 4.33 is a bug-fix release that addresses a few bugs found in
earlier releases. Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

 *  NNTP authentication causes crash
 *  Attachment viewing broken
 *  Display-Filters and Url-Viewers with quoted arguments in config broken
 *  Reverse sorting doesn't work correctly with filters
 *  Some combinations of non-ascii characters in subject cause crash
 *  Add version information to PC-Pine
 *  Top line in news index was painted incorrectly at times
 *  Crash caused by debugging when > 1K config lines are present
 *  PC-Pine LDAP crash caused by using incorrect memory free routine
 *  Save size check was disabled in multi append

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