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Changes from Pine 4.31 to 4.32

This information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:
New in Pine

Version 4.32 is a bug-fix release that addresses several bugs found in
earlier releases. There are only a few non-bug changes. Bugs that have
been addressed in this release include:

 *  File attaching broken (double filename) in PC-Pine
 *  Postponing loses second reply-to address
 *  Obscure crash when sorting by Threads
 *  Temporary file vulnerabilities
 *  Crash when NNTP authentication aborted
 *  Make /secure work again (broken in 4.30)
 *  Setup printer list problems with $PRINTER
 *  Recognize Re[arbitrary stuff]: reply syntax
 *  Allow for attaching files on a Windows network drive

Version 4.31 was a bug-fix release that addressed several bugs found in
earlier releases. There were only a few non-bug changes. Bugs that were
addressed in Version 4.31 included:

 *  Crashes when sorting by Threads
 *  Text of last message could be invisible with header larger than 4096
 *  Fixed a few buffer overflow possibilities
 *  Many problems if compiled without -DDEBUG
 *  Eliminated length restriction on address book comments
 *  Couldn't expand collections when selecting if combined-folder-display
 *  List options set only in fixed config didn't work
 *  Filtering based solely on scores didn't work
 *  Filtering to non-existent folder didn't ask to create the folder
 *  Save to default folder didn't work if the folder didn't already exist
 *  Crash when using WhereIs in Setup/Kolor with color turned off   
 *  News collections would sometimes show up doubled until restarting
 *  Crash when accepting default in shuffle folder list command
 *  PC-Pine didn't always save window position
 *  Last-folder-used rule didn't always save the name of first saved
 *  Rule editor address selector should allow multiple addresses
 *  Added Replicate command for Rules
 *  News validation doesn't validate against multiple news servers
 *  Reply to some text/html messages with attachments incorrectly set
    content-type to text/html
 *  mail-directory setting in pine.conf doesn't work

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