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Changes from Pine 4.21 to 4.30

This information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:
New in Pine

   Version is an evolutionary release that introduces both new
   functionality as well as addresses several bugs found in earlier
   Major new additions include:
     * Configuration flexibility
          + pine configurations can now be stored remotely on an imap
            server for access from different locations without the need
            to configure for each location.
          + configuration may be split into two parts: generic
            configuration and exceptional, per-platform configuration.
          + signatures can now be stored remotely or as part of the
            pinerc file
          + for configuration options which are lists, inheritance is
     * New security features
          + SSL support for Unix Pine (source code only)
          + SSL enhancements for PC-Pine
     * Minor rule enhancements
          + status of a message (New, Deleted, etc.) can now be used as
            criteria for pattern matching.
          + "move-only-if-not-deleted" option in filtering to lessen the
            chance of messages being filtered more than once when running
            multiple pine sessions.
          + ability to set arbitrary headers in roles.
          + news filtering made more efficient.
     * Basic threaded sorting (Expanded functionality to be added in a
       future version).
     * Enhanced MAPI support for PC-Pine
     * Various other new features and configuration options
          + alternate-compose-menu
          + by-replyto for saved-msg-name-rule
          + check-newmail-when-quitting
          + continue-tab-without-confirm
          + expose-hidden-config
          + expunge-only-manually
          + incoming-startup-rule additions
          + literal-signature
          + mark-for-cc
          + prefer-plain-text
          + pruning-rule, for monthly sent-mail renaming and deleting
          + quell-extra-post-prompt
          + hidden feature allow-changing-from defaults to on
     * New command line options:
          + -p , pinerc can now refer to a remote mailbox which
            contains the configuration file
          + -x , is how you override your default
            pinerc settings with exceptions for a particular platform,
            may be local or remote
          + -aux , allows you to tell
            Pine the local directory to use for auxiliary files when
            pinerc is remote (PC-Pine only)
          + -copy_pinerc and -copy_abook options
          + -v option
   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:
     * Incoming mail with an extremely long From address can cause a
       buffer overflow on the stack (security)
     * X-Keywords crash for unix formatted mailboxes
     * Composer word wrapping needlessly wraps words
     * New messages appear in zoomed view
     * "Bad msgno 0" filtering crash
     * "+" during login doesn't always mean that SSL is being used
     * news filtering refilters messages that had already been filtered
     * Goto and Save can't access folders that are readable but not
     * Goto doesn't allow access of folders outside of a Collection List
     * PC-Pine SSL functionality broken in Windows 2000/Millennium
     * FromOrTo and To in index-format don't work for newsgroups
     * Sorting by score doesn't always work
     * Viewing of very large messages uses more memory than is need
     * Loss of body for reply to multipart/signed mime messages
     * Pine crashes when replying to or forwarding messages with certain
       types of attachments
     * Brackets are falsely recognized as url characters
     * Crash when enclosing options in quotes for PC-Pine
     * Newsgroup posting doesn't allow posting to additional news servers

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