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Changes from Pine 4.05 to 4.10

This information is also available in Pine itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:
New in Pine

   Version 4.10 is an evolutionary release that introduces both new
   functionality as well as addresses several bugs found in earlier
   releases. Changes include:
     * New "Roles" concept
     * New features to enable "combined" list of folders and address
       books similar to the screens found in Pine versions prior to 4.00.
     * Restoration of expanded-view-of-folders and addressbooks when
       "combined list" features enabled
     * New send feature to fcc-without-attachments
     * Setup/Config: features now grouped by topic
     * New option to pass headers to sending filters
     * Configurable Reply-Leadin to included message text
     * New feature to use internal pager for text attachments
     * New feature to allow selection/mailto of embedded email addresses
     * Expanded signature file options: a filename followed by "|" means
       use named program's output
     * Expanded token support permitted in signature and role template
       files as well as the new Reply-Leadin definition
     * Compile-time option to permit saving passwords for Unix Pine
     * Help Text improvements
     * Numerous bug fixes

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