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This information is also available in Pine 4.05 itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:
Summary of Recent Changes

   We have been very gratified by the response to Pine 4.00, both because
   it is clear that many people still care about Pine, and also because,
   notwithstanding some rough edges, folks seem to be generally pleased
   with the new functionality. Thank you for your continuing interest and
  Changes in Pine 4.05
   Version 4.05 is a maintenance release intended to address a bug in
   Pine's newsgroup subscription code which caused Pine to deny that any
   newsgroups existed, and thus prevent their being subscribed to. In
   addition, it fixes:
     * Crash: during aggregate undelete
     * Crash: in index of empty folder
     * PC-Pine: limited ability to launch app/o-s attachments
     * PC-Pine: session timeouts when prompting (Save, Sort, etc)
  Changes in Pine 4.04
   Version 4.04 was mainly intended to fix a bug introduced in the imapd
   program packaged with Pine 4.03 which rendered it incompatible with
   some IMAP clients. In addition, the opportunity was taken to address
   several bugs in Pine, PC-Pine and Pico.
   The most notable fixes included:
     * init_debug referenced when DEBUG macro not defined
     * Forward of multipart from some IMAP servers breaks MIME delimiters
     * Attachment delete command results in erroneous display
     * Sender not included in Take if different from From
     * Addresses missing when forwarding a distribution list
     * Msg-ID reset when using form-letter-folder
     * "incoming-archived" problems
     * "read-message-folder" problems
     * postpone breaks subject's RFC1522 encoding
     * RFC1522 encoded subject not preserved after declined post
     * Erroneous deleted and expunged counts when viewing newsgroups
     * Search criteria complaints from pre-IMAP4 servers after TAB
     * Select/Text unaware of local folder character set
     * Search/Replace/All sometimes replaced with empty string
     * collectionList Add: "server" with spaces not quoted
     * implicit _URL_ quoting and mailcap defined launching problems
     * expunge-without-confirm inconsistencies
     * global addressbook vs. file permissions problem
     * selected folders aren't on next visit to Folder List screen
     * PORT: BSD/OS 2/3/4 issues resolved
     * CRASH: "bad msgno 0" when current folder empty
     * CRASH: viewing particularly formatted HTML
     * CRASH: incoming folder nickname rename
     * CRASH: Goto --> ^L
     * CRASH: attaching files (mime.types formatting sensitivity)
     * CRASH: PC: starting alternate editor
     * PC-Pine: attachment save failure when path contains space
     * PC-Pine: spell check forgets personal dictionary
     * PC-Pine: view MIME app/octet-stream by extension fails
     * Various documentation additions and corrections
  Changes in Pine 4.03
   Version 4.03 was also a maintenance release for Unix Pine, but also
   represented the debut of PC-Pine version 4.xx. In addition, there were
   a few new capabilities (listed below). For an extensive list of bugs
   fixed, consult the section "Pine Release Chronology & Version Changes"
   in the Pine Information Center.
     * Inclusion of improved LDAP library support (courtesy Netscape
     * Index: New date format options
     * By popular demand, revert to displaying multiple addresses per
     * URL Viewers variable: explicit URL quoting is no longer needed
     * Address Book Setup: Allow use of {} on server name for consistency
     * Address Book View: some minor format adjustments
     * Address Book: after update, etc, go back to list of entries
     * Changed text of lock error warning message to be more helpful:
     * "Mailbox vulnerable - directory must have 1777 protection"
     * Added support for Authenticated SMTP servers using "Simple
       Authentication and Session Layer"
     * Added support for POP authentication via "Simple Authentication
       and Session Layer"
     * More coherent "path resolution"
     * Numerous PC-Pine improvements, including:
          + Use of Windows registry in lieu of mailcap and mimetypes
          + Use of Windows registry to find default browser
          + Context sensitive right-mouse-button pop-up menus
          + Ability to copy/paste via keyboard commands, e.g. Ctl-Shift-V
          + Improved menus/dialog boxes

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