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Changes from Pine 4.02 to 4.03

This information is also available in Pine 4.03 itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen:
   Version 4.03 is a maintenance release (i.e. primarily bug fixes) for
   Unix Pine, but it also represents the debut of PC-Pine version 4.xx.
   In addition, there are a few new capabilities (listed below). An
   extensive list of bugs fixed appears further below.
     * Inclusion of improved LDAP library support (courtesy Netscape
     * Index: New date format options
     * By popular demand, revert to displaying multiple addresses per
     * URL Viewers variable: explicit URL quoting is no longer needed
     * Address Book Setup: Allow use of {} on server name for consistency
     * Address Book View: some minor format adjustments
     * Address Book: after update, etc, go back to list of entries
     * Changed text of lock error warning message to be more helpful:
     * "Mailbox vulnerable - directory must have 1777 protection"
     * Added support for Authenticated SMTP servers using "Simple
       Authentication and Session Layer"
     * Added support for POP authentication via "Simple Authentication
       and Session Layer"
     * More coherent "path resolution"
     * Numerous PC-Pine improvements, including:
          + Use of Windows registry in lieu of mailcap and mimetypes
          + Use of Windows registry to find default browser
          + Context sensitive right-mouse-button pop-up menus
          + Ability to copy/paste via keyboard commands, e.g. Ctl-Shift-V
          + Improved menus/dialog boxes

Bug fixes in Pine 4.03:

	More efficient pre-fetching of data when Index is sorted
	View: "NEW" in message view titlebar restored
	View: Change highlighting of selectable items to follow viewport
        "[NOTIMAP4] can't do peeking fetch" still in 4.02 
        Compose from Postponed folder causes INBOX to go READONLY
	Piping through cat: "down arrow doubles newlines"
	Pico temp files not being deleted -Solaris 
	pico.#.bak files not getting deleted -FreeBSD 
		Changed back to using /tmp for editor temp files
	Attachment filename cutoff on forward/reply
	Lose the blank line at the beginning of an Exported msg
	Add new collection: don't make default unless we prompt, 
		will make Add always append
	Title text for help, make generic sub help titles
	Context handling, e.g. -f /foo/bar requires -c 0
	Can't reply to some multipart MIME where text part is buried
	HTML help: list items truncated 
	Bug found in folder save routine Pine 4.0
	Postpone loses references header 
	If sig dashes set, don't add them if already present
	Alignment of [ The following text...] message
	"Opening INBOX..." message doesn't go away
	Pico "error preparing to close" on freebsd 2.2.1  (ffclose patch)
	Help text on Linux not being rendered 
	Postpone loses references header
	pine.conf.fixed doesn't disable url-viewer prompt
	Pine tries CREATE INBOX on IMAP4-1 server
	Group addresses are missing trailing semicolon now
	Saving attachments with spaces in filename still broken 
	search-and-replace fails if target is null string 
	Search failed: Unknown Search Criteria 
	< doesn't take you to next level up the folder hierarchy
	Rfc822_write_address doesn't append a comma after a group address
	Compose with mh folders -> "No such folder" now in 4.xx 
	MIME attachment buffer overrun fixes
	Reference lines being split incorrectly 
	Reply-to-all ignores unqualified CC addresses 
	Display filters vs. busy spinner 
	Send: problem w/ terminating SMTP session with CR.CR 
	Send: AIX: Pine now (4.02) hangs while sending mail on AIX 4.1.4

	News: Can't subscribe to newsgroup if its a substring of another
	News: Exclude shows total # of msgs, not the # being excluded 
	News: Unexclude and then exclude lose the orig sort order 
	News: Exclude bug 
	News Add: TAB completes even when there is more than one choice
	News: Typo in arg to Add prevented subsequent operation
	Newsgrp list: "D" causes crash if no newsgroups subscribed

	Crash: "Bad msgno 0 in mail_elt" 
	Crash: new_context returns null after Enter [] for fldr view 
	Crash: Attempt to reply to bogus MIME message
	Crash: Select ; t t  
	Crash: Saving msg with blank From /  
		Null address crash/security vulnerability /
		SIGIOT crash 
	Crash: If mailcap file is not readable
	Crash: Can't add addresses to list, same w/ take
	Crash: after FCC create rejected
	Crash: When reading multipart html
	Crash: When reading HTML from MS Word via Netscape 
	Crash: Resume Compose while in postponed folder w/ 1 msg
			(Bky format specific?)

	Abk: Show commas in address book View 
	Abk: Fix missing comma in ComposeTo
	ABk: Problems updating lists in addrbook 
	ABk: Select just indents entries... hard to tell /
          "Left border is not seen"  

	PC-Pine: URL launching via registry shakeout
	PC-Pine: Ctl-Shift-V doesn't work in prompt strings
	PC-Pine: General Help displayed as raw HTML
	PC-Pine: Addressbook update now works with multiple sessions

	C-Client: 4.xx can't read MMDF folder with single separator lines
	C-Client: Sort-by-Subject: leading "[" used to be ignored 
	C-Client: Empty group list selection (Foster) search on To vs. :;
	C-Client: "Undisclosed recipients" address bug 
	C-Client/mail.c null From confuses address length calculation
	C-Client: Cross-format COPY to INBOX fails

	SGI: problem w/low_speed... patch provided 
	SGI: TERMIO problem 
	Solaris: Literal '<' bug with enable-arrow-navigation

	Build: Makefiles removing some .ic files 
	Build: Freebsd: shared lib conflict (incr version # ?)
	Build: Linux: build slx vs. lnx confusion
	Build: SGI: Irix make doesn't like "rm"
	Build: DU 4.0D patch provided
	Build: LynxOS flags problem
	Build: Change EXTRALIBS to EXTRALIBES to match pico and c-client
	Build: Made location of pine.conf consistent on all ports
	Build: BSD 2.0 problems: changes provided 
	Solaris/gcc: can't find srandom (Added comment to pine-ports.)

	Doc: Format errors in R.N. text (FreeBSD) 
 	Doc: X-UNKNOWN-CHARSET gets set when Pine sees an 8bit char 
	Doc: URL-viewers: absolute path required
	Doc: Export saves result of display filtering, e.g. PGP sig verify
	Doc: Help text refers to non-existent "E" and "K" cmds 
	RelNotes: clarify which support files can be remote vs local
	RelNotes: Mention of .ab* files in the list of support files

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