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Changes from Pine 3.96 to 4.00

This information is also available in Pine 4.00 itself, in the Release Notes which can be accessed from Pine's MAIN MENU screen.

     * New screen navigation commands:
       < (the "less than" symbol) for "level up"
       > (the "greater than" symbol) for "level down"
          + No need to Shift for < and > keys (just use , and . keys)
          + Optional use of left and right arrow keys for same functions
            as < and > keys (by setting "enable-arrow-navigation"
     * Hierarchical folder collections
          + If multiple folder collections are defined, they are now
            presented in a COLLECTION LIST screen. Choosing a folder
            collection from this screen displays its FOLDER LIST screen.
            (Previous versions of Pine showed all folder collections in
            one FOLDER LIST screen.)
          + When a folder is added to a collection in the FOLDER LIST
            screen, it can now also be defined to be a subdirectory
            (rather than a mailfolder-file containing messages), using
            the new command "^X Create Directory" at the "Folder name to
            add :" prompt. Each such subdirectory can contain mail
            folders and/or other subdirectories, thus allowing for the
            creation of a hierarchical structure within each folder
     * URL recognition and viewer dispatch
          + With Pine now capable of recognizing URLs and dispatching
            your favorite web browser to view them, it is now
            straightforward to access additional web-based information
            about Pine. Accordingly, the Update command on Pine's SETUP
            menu has been retired.
     * Basic rendering of message bodies in HTML format
     * Help screens with hyperlinks to other help screens and dynamic
       content (for example, showing current working directory)
     * Addressbooks improvements
          + Revised screens and commands
          + Can now store addressbook on IMAP server. This permits access
            to the same addressbook from different computers running Unix
            or PC Pine 4.00. (These remote addressbooks cannot be used by
            other email clients.)
          + Aggregate operations
          + LDAP support
     * Various MIME improvements
     * IMAP4.1 protocol revisions (but no disconnected or offline mode
     * Support for LDAP directory access and Kerberos V authentication if
       suitable libraries (U. of Michigan LDAP, MIT GSSAPI) are provided
       at compile time (see Pine's Technical Notes for details). More
       information on LDAP and on Kerberos can be found on the World Wide
       Web at the following URLs (as of 29 June 1998), respectively:
     * Enhanced functions
          + GoTo and Save commands:
               o Use TAB to complete, TAB TAB to list matches beginning
                 with entered string (when "enable-tab-completion"
                 feature is set)
               o ^X lists folder names matching substring (when
                 "enable-partial-match-lists" feature is set)
          + GoTo command has more default options, e.g. always stay in
            primary collection
          + Folder List:
               o Select/Zoom based on text match or folder properties
               o Select can search multiple folders
          + SETUP:
               o Can edit incoming folder collection, (e.g. delete entry,
                 not folder)
               o New setup screens (folder collections, address books,
     * Composer improvements
          + "Answered" flag now set when postponed replies are sent
          + Search and replace feature
          + Cut-from-cursor feature now works in header
          + Configurable reply-indent-string
          + Can request various Delivery Service Notification options
     * Preferences improvements
          + New selections on the SETUP menu (accessed from the MAIN MENU
               o collectionList - for defining folder collections (moved
                 here from being a single option - "folder-collections" -
                 in SETUP CONFIGURATION)
               o AddressBooks - for defining address books
               o Directory - for defining LDAP directory servers - this
                 selection is only available on the SETUP menu if your
                 version of Pine was compiled with LDAP (Lightweight
                 Directory Access Protocol) access support. For
                 information on LDAP, visit the University of Michigan's
                 WWW site at the URL (as of 29 June 1998):
          + New features in SETUP CONFIGURATION:
               o disable-take-last-comma-first
               o enable-arrow-navigation
               o enable-delivery-status-notification
               o enable-exit-via-lessthan-command
               o enable-fast-recent-test
               o enable-lame-list-mode
               o enable-msg-view-attachments
               o enable-msg-view-urls
               o enable-msg-view-web-hostnames
               o enable-msg-view-forced-arrows
               o enable-print-via-y-command
               o enable-reply-indent-string-editing
               o enable-search-and-replace
               o enable-sigdashes
               o enable-partial-match-lists
               o expunge-without-confirm-everywhere
               o ldap-result-to-addrbook-add
               o news-deletes-across-groups
          + New, "hidden" features - must be manually added to .pinerc
            file, cannot be set in SETUP CONFIGURATION screen:
               o allow-changing-from
               o quell-partial-fetching
               o termdef-takes-precedence
            For details, see Pine 4.00's Technical Notes.
          + New variables in configuration (.pinerc) file:
               o incoming-startup-rule:
                 Sets message which cursor begins on.
               o url-viewers:
                 List of programs to open Internet URLs (e.g. http or ftp
               o ldap-servers:
                 LDAP servers for looking up addresses (set using SETUP
                 DIRECTORY SERVERS screen).
               o folder-sort-rule:
                 Defines method used to sort FOLDER LIST screen
               o form-letter-folder:
                 Defines folder to hold oft-sent, semi-static messages
          + Superceded features in configuration (.pinerc) file:
               o expanded-view-of-addressbooks
               o expanded-view-of-folders
               o disable-update-cmd
     * Miscellaneous improvements
          + Bug report screen and Report Bug command replaced by help
            screen covering "Places to Look for More Answers" and
            "Requesting help" with hyperlinks to it from many other help
          + Performance:
               o Server-based sorting
               o Quicker display of index entries and message text
               o Reduced memory use for default Unix mailbox format
          + Revised debug options to allow more flexibility
          + Support for news access via IMAP by proxying through UW IMAP
            server; syntax:
          + pico -h option to display current command line options &
            current version
          + Pico 255 character line length limit: wrap instead of
          + E - Exit key used more consistently as way out of SETUP or
            SELECT screens
          + Screen showing list of messages in a folder renamed from
          + Numerous bug fixes
     * Not yet done in 4.00
       The following features have been deferred for inclusion in a
       future version of Pine:
          + "Kill" files
          + Offline operation
          + Disconnected operation
   Clarifications about Pine 4.00 that are shown to be necessary after
   its release and broad usage will be published at the URL:
  New and improved in previous releases
   For changes to Pine versions up to and including 3.96 (the version
   immediately preceding 4.00), and for coming attractions, please
   consult the section "Pine Release Chronology & Version Changes" in the
   Pine Information Center at:

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